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  • 27 Aralık 2013, Cuma 11:04

Sneeze in your mouth with your hand Shutdown

Sneeze in your mouth with your hand Shutdown
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Bursa Director of Public Health Exp.

Bursa news: Bursa Director of Public Health Exp. Dr.. Resul Uzbek, coughing or aksırırk the mouth of the hands should not be shut, said:"We sticking to viruses or germs can not easily cleaned and in this way germs to different people can be infected. Sneezing or coughing before the tissue paper to use and dispose of them immediately. Y on your handkerchief or your head away from people on one side sneezed into the air by turning,"he said. Resul
Uzbek, protection from diseases such as influenza-like ways told. During the winter months with upper respiratory infections diseases such as flu and cold expression that start seeing Exp. Dr.. Resul Uzbeks,"public transport, shopping centers, crowded work places with many people contact is happening. These contacts after the microbes are able to receive. Normally such diseases sneezing, coughing and breathing through the first half feet area spread. Poles that air breathers and droplets in contact places anything to eat or drink those that viruses can get,"he said.
Clothing cautious about the need to be indicating that the Uzbeks,"winter dressed according to your personal tastes. Excessive escape to sweat a lot how much is wrong if the body cold protection to getting dressed so it would be wrong . More so crowded buses crowded shopping environment ill suited to areas. Business places of microbes infection is instrumental. Especially in cold weather continuing as we are in December and January of upper respiratory tract diseases intense experienced. Sore throat mild fire appears. crowded environments with people inside inward to disease recurrence causes. every time another virus taken for the disease recurs. best way to protect respiratory tract when infected with the measures to be taken. Patients with a half meter closer than I got to. diseased people, the environment is protected. cough mouth our face full off measures happens,"he said.
ill signs of occurrence of antibiotics introduced that said the Uzbek disease symptoms show up with a strong family physicians consulted wanted to.
"TISSUE OR WEATHER sneeze the"
Uzbek advise on the common cold or flu were also found. In winter colds or flu to get caught hands frequently washing benefits, indicating that the Uzbeks, he continued:
"Most influenza and influenza virus-touch passes. Influenza someone with the phone, keyboard, or kitchen utensils touching the spread of influenza virus is sufficient to. These germs for hours, or even weeks in some cases, the other for the cargo until it touches such soils may experience. This is why your hands frequently wash. cough or aksırırk with your hand while your mouth turn off. because your hands clinging viruses or germs can not easily cleaned and in this way germs to different people can be infected. sneezing or coughing and dispose of them immediately before use tissue paper. wipes with you people away from your head to one side or sneezed into the air by turning."
top respiratory diseases to protect themselves from plenty of fluids drunk who advised the Uzbeks,"drink too much water in your body of viruses allows. daily 8 glasses of water a proposal do not meet drinking enough water should take care to. urine's color is light yellow appears sufficient water have been receiving, amber more water you should drink . clean breath. breath of air is important. Cold weather, central heating system and heated environments when you go out, your body flu and germs more vulnerable happens. Cold air trapped people dry, but the air is continuously they inhale the virus are exposed to,"he said. Uzbek, ingestion of fruits and vegetables according to the season, he added that strengthen the metabolism.

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