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  • 11 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 11:36

Snow May Not Be Friendly your eye

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Can not get enough of watching the snow scene refreshes our souls as well as our eyes are dim.

Can not get enough of watching the snow scene refreshes our souls as well as our eyes are dim. Of ultraviolet rays from the sun reflected from snow or ice, snow blindness can occur with the review.
Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Eye Department of Health and Disease Specialist Op. Dr.. Faruk Eroğlu, snow blindness and lead to symptoms related to diseases found in an assessment. Ultraviolet keratitis, also known as the eye of the sudden and intense ultraviolet radiation exposure to the resulting snow-blindness of the eyelids and conjunctiva layer (whites of your eyes and cover the inside of the thin membrane covering) to rashes and burns that led Eroglu noted,"The most important effect of the eye's on the front Located on the corneal layer shows. Accordingly, eyes burning, stinging sensation, tearing, pain, and photophobia (excessive sensitivity to light) occurs. eye lids involuntary closure (blepharospasm) is observed. Favorites damage caused by violence according to the different degrees of blurry vision can lead. sudden and intense ultraviolet radiation exposed to the eyes, sensitivity and complaints 6-8 hours after application and can take several days. But in the eyes of that caused by the size of this period up to 1 week extensible"he said.
Snow blindness of the eyes, which created havoc and disturbance effects to a minimum What should be done to download the sort Op. Dr.. Faruk Eroğlu,"eyes with plenty of water wash. Eye on the cover of cold dressing structure. Eye for pain caused to alleviate artificial tears, very painful cases the doctor in control of your pain medication use. Absolutely eyes rub. Because rubbing your condition further progress and corneal injuries may cause. Eye on pain, blurred vision, eye complaints, such as if you have to consult your doctor without delay,"he said.
exposure to snow blindness also describes measures to be taken to Op. Dr.. Faruk Eroğlu,"Snowy weather to do the ultraviolet blocking based dark sunglasses use. Protective artificial tear use. Winter'll use sunglasses when selecting large-framed, eye and surrounding area completely covering the preference. Eye on your've had before, eye disease, eye surgery or eye dryness If you have any problems, such as our more cautious,"he said.

Snow May Not Be Friendly your eye" comments for.


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