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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:48

Social Inclusion Project from Sivas Mufti of Addicts

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Sivas Provincial Mufti launched a project to bring drug addicts into society.

Sivas news: Photo \"substance Manai \"in the project launched with the slogan , Sivas substances move through the identification of citizens who are dependent on treatment and post-treatment drug addicted citizens will be equipped with spiritual training under the guidance of the clergy . Treatment and addiction at the end of last approximately 1.5 years campaign with the rehabilitation process completely leave the person will be rewarded with a care Sivas Mufti .
Started information that Mufti Minister Shukri Balkans about the campaign , \"Substance abuse is a major issue for public health. Turkey'also Although not as prevalent as in other European countries , there will be an underestimation rate of the drug addicts in our country there are many citizens . And this rate year has been increasing over the years. We realized this project is the first in Gebze . Sivas we saw in the provinces of drug addicts have many young people . We are in this scope we have initiated such a project in Sivas. \"he said. volunteerism in our Photo Performed first condition says Balkan campaign ; \"It is by campaign voluntary basis we have Start. To ask himself the person to leave this malady , our first condition. As of now 8 people have reported to us that they want to be treated by applying to our Mufti . Actually, we have more brothers but they have some inhibitions as we learn them in , hopefully involved in this process by talking one to one with them you will , \"he said . Mufti who said that they take each week to those who want to Photo therapy treatment center in Tokat Balkans ; \"Our patients because there AMATEM clinic in Sivas, we take guidance from our clinic two chaplains in each week, slap. That here we have to do in the treatment process of taking information from our specialists , we take programs that will increase the degree and treatment motivation dependency of this process is the most important part of our project after completion begins the process of healing and guidance . \"he said. Photo addicted young people is of great importance in strengthening the spiritual world he get rid of the addiction in the Balkans ; \"The material used to enrich the spiritual world of each of our fellow to spend time with him By entrusting us a chaplain and our brothers in the Article to regain rehabilitated and society after the medical treatment of dependent process will fully continue to guide efforts of our clergy until you can lift one's life. Belief in the reintegration In this context, drug addicted brother of our society factor is of utmost importance. Faith is the important factor to be robust in overcoming this disease. \"he said . Stating that they provide the possibility of finding a job , but quit to take a Photo of the substance abuse Umrah Balkan Mufti asked the people to support this campaign from Sivas .

Social Inclusion Project from Sivas Mufti of Addicts" comments for.


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