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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:14

Social life will be amusing in çerkezköy

Social life will be amusing in çerkezköy
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Cerkezkoy district of Tekirdağ City Council President Serkan Karagöz , he would liven Cerkezkoy with the activities of the council's social life .

Tekirdağ news: Photo CHP Cerkezkoy District Chairman Hasan Demir, visited Cerkezkoy City Council initiated a courtesy visit with the scope of the new administration. Expressed his satisfaction with çerkezköy City Council President Serkan heard from visiting Karagöz , \"We are producing projects to contribute significantly to the development of our county as Cerkezkoy City Council. Our goal is not to much better places in the district . In this regard, municipalities , along with our acting on our district next generation in a much more advanced level leave . Everyone I am in the position where , and should contribute to the development of the district in their area think . I think it's more our responsibility as the city council for us this issue. We are doing a selfless way, here served at no charge , \"he said . they do put their hands to the development of a Photo Cerkezkoy expressing bream , do not work in the City Council he expressed that working in an important institution of the province or district .
President Serkan Karagöz , Cerkezkoy city Council as they perform social activities in many aspects and the social life of the county with these social activities and coloring they both stated that they portray social life. President Karagöz , \"We have made ​​efforts to ensure that going to school our children go to school in the city council. We opened the theater course , we opened a chess course , we started a letter we contest and relief courses . This course of social life in colorizing the social life of our county with We contribute to rise to higher levels. Project continues to work in our group-gets busy nonstop . we will contribute to the development of our city in our projects , \"he said . Photo CHP Cerkezkoy District Chairman Hasan Demir they closely follow the city Council's work and noted that studies appreciated the . President of Iron, \"the City Council , we believe that you will save a lot of things Cerkezkoy . City Council needs to be strong. We believe you are will be successful for your strong management created . You are , I believe sincerely that prepare you project in our city adds value in the development of our city. Your work you will support all the time \"found in the description .

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