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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 15:12

Sofuoğlu'nu first visit to the island of Chalabi Rector

Sofuoğlu'nu first visit to the island of Chalabi Rector
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Celal Bayar University ( CBU) , to be held in October before the elections rector explains Prof. nomination .

Manisa news: Celal Bayar University ( CBU) , to be held in October before the elections rector explains Prof. nomination . Dr. . Kemal Celebi, his first visit to the nomination Training is a part of a tour-Sen Branch Chairman and Officer-Sen Manisa Provincial Representative Mehmet Emin made ​​to Sofuoğlu'nu .
recently explaining his candidacy for the Presidency of CBI CBI Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department Chair Professor of Finance . Dr. . Kemal Celebi, the nomination round began. Firstly , one of Manisa Training is a leading non-governmental organizations-who Çelebi , who visited you , mentioned the work that was done here . Civil society institutions of democracy today in the most fundamental institution at the beginning of the voicing Chalabi, \"Officer-Sen also work closely with appreciation're watching . Most recent Gaza made ​​regarding actions had . This action Officer-Sen to lead us was satisfied . Course this sensitivity university community in should be . university only knowledge is produced , not national issues , human rights problems associated with sensitivity to the various agencies should be . universities social issues the necessary sensitivity has to show. course, civil society organizations working together need . universities their shell retreating to their civil governmental organizations should work in a remote way . Information is for peoples and nations . therefore it is essential to share mutual . \"said.
wished success to staying in the nomination process, Bir-Sen Manisa Branch Education Officer-Sen Chairman and Provincial Representative Mehmet Emin Sofuoglu, shared his thoughts about the university . Their study gives information about Sofuoglu, \"the country's democratization , liberation and with it all over the world oppressed as the voice of there atrocities finish order our work continues. Universities and knowledge-generating and community giving directions to places. We are training as stakeholders so far been settled empire of fear perception change and especially what comes next rector of our and other administrators , trade unions and civil society organizations generating solutions , solutions that contribute to the governance of understanding is an indication that you apperceive is required. contrast emphasis Kemal Celebi teacher of this consciousness due pleased that I would like to express . Training A as-you Celal Bayar university as of last year the authority had received . Hopefully, after that, there powers , flying the flag will continue to . Our college-related in future also the decisions taken inside as a stakeholder , solutions with our consulting advice in our wish to state that we want to . \"he spoke.

Sofuoğlu'nu first visit to the island of Chalabi Rector" comments for.


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