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  • 19 Ağustos 2013, Pazartesi 15:11

Solar car 'Ariba 6' roads

Solar car 'Ariba 6' roads
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ARIBA developed by Istanbul Technical University Solar Car Team will leave for Ankara to perform six test drive. Rallici champion Burcu Cetinkaya brought to Ankara by ARIBA 6.

by Istanbul Technical University Solar Car Team 6, the introduction of solar-powered ARIBA was Maslak Campus of Istanbul Technical University. Australia will be held between 6 to 13 October this year before the World Solar Challenge race, test drive 6 ARIBA be made between Istanbul and Ankara were expressed. Test drive rally driver Burcu Cetinkaya and held prior to the introduction of a large number of journalists attended the meeting. Burcu Cetinkaya 6 ARIBA ITU Maslak Campus in Ankara, setting out a test drive before you did.

ARIBA 6 test drive rally driver Burcu Cetinkaya and then responded to questions from members of the press,"after the races to be behind the wheel of 6 ARIBA really very enjoyable. because young people have contributed here. has solar-powered vehicle. use such a tool and develop future technologies in Turkey, which is a pioneer in the design of the Istanbul Technical University ARIBA 6'yla youth is a great honor for me to hit the road. race than in There are different challenges. Here, there are different challenges. because the traffic is going to be a completely different vehicle. Gas and mechanical operating systems are different. But as I said, a lot of fun to use this tool. Inside the hole a little bit warm but can breathe the air. Australia I understand that now compete with friends. would be forced to try to be, but to support them. Australia would like to use but there are young people would be more accurate to use. This is not the first drive.'ve done this in a previous test drive the vehicle. Now you're going to traffic.'ll pass the bridge. Ankara will continue to teenagers. really very excited. future mass production of such vehicles as the first step to be done,"he said.

ARIBA 6, Istanbul Technical University Solar Car Attachment develops Bayazıt Berker Master said,"For the first time it will be a long way . going to do some testing on the road. place next to accelerate future cut steps lot. Australia for the various strategic work there. This will be good for us a test drive. we design circuits and minimum energy strategies with the aim to take a long route,"he said.

ARIBA 6 after the arrival in Ankara, Istanbul Technical University Solar Car Team on Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız, August 20, will visit his office said. To be held within 6 days after the last control ARIBA will come forth to Ankara learned.

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