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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 13:42

Solution of Problems Awaits Exporters

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Eastern Black Sea Exporters'Association (DKİB ) President Ahmet Hamdi Gurdogan , the problems of the Black Sea region of Turkey have surged .

Eastern Black Sea Exporters'Association (DKİB ) President Ahmet Hamdi Gurdogan , the problems of the Black Sea region of Turkey have surged .
Russia's Kuban in the region Krasnodar, Sochi, Tuapse, Poppies on areas such as export exporter vast majority of jobs alone can not go , and some of them have been deported is an example of this also still in detention Leader of food have Mevlut Bulut it is reminiscent Gurdogan , \"our exporters problems urgently Russia dispute resolution is required. because at work they could not be any kind of activities subcontractors carry are forced , and that the decline in exports causes . Larger firms'side of employees in the deportation of our exporters the hands binds \"he said . Topics related to the Ministry of Economy and the Russian Consulate , mainly a lot of places disclosure made ​​in voicing Gurdogan \"This issue of our exporters the biggest obstacle standing ,\"he said .
SIMPLIFIED CUSTOMS LINE ' N from the requested data could not be retrieved
themselves of the application in accordance with the pop-Simplified Customs line operability on the desired yield received stating that Gurdogan , Tuapse and Vilaine Kafkas agreement so far as required to be operational , he said. Gurdogan , \"that opens the new line only in Istanbul a company granting monopolization brought and for the purpose as intended does not work . We this subject , Mr. Minister Hayati Yazici explain to that required application although we do not get any results did not . Russian Federation exports to an important contribution to will allow this system to start working and process the DKİB through with implementing our exporters more effective and efficient service will be offered. however, currently opposite counterparts already said the company in this business truly fulfilling to indicate that . this is the biggest proof as Vilaine Kafkas's still not be opened can show , \"he said .
Çamburnu Shipyard field transshipment center for the establishment of the era Minister Erdogan Bayraktar, under the chairmanship of the respective companies sign an undertaking that reminds Gurdogan , \"This agreement before the end though, this firm for 49 years, re-hire and Turkey shipyard Although the completion of the investment ,'shipyards will be made here'Should we leave to the discretion of the public . Because of the loss of this area again, we will draw , \"he said .
Sarp Border Gate ' in N DENSITY
President also mentioned the intensity in steep Gate Gurdogan , \"expropriated for the expansion of the road on the way to a hair could not get even . Density at the door for the solution to this issue in the solution of the urgent . In the same way Muratlı the door to the Council of Ministers in 2013 to escape despite Georgian officials so far with any mutual interference could be made , \"he said.
Kazbegi-Lars capacity in the transition document Dozbal the issue of the resolution could not emphasis Gurdogan , \"Transition documents is not not exceed the number required for the vehicle to be allowed to adversely affect our exports . In this regard all political power with the opposition would like to give our support . Because of these problems , showing that our region is unclaimed expect them to be effective in solving . And above all , Mr. Minister Hayati Yazici want to bend our problems , \"he said .

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