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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:34

Soma on Making Planned Golf Course Moved to Assembly Agenda

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Turkey Golf Federation President Ahmet Ağaoğlu , Somasp the Chairman Sinan Manisa in a sports program attended by the Vardar region to support the Soma district react to commitment to a golf course CHP Manisa deputy Özgür Özel , Youth and Sports Minister Aquifer Chagatai Sword gave a written parliamentary questions to be answered .

Manisa news: Photo Manisa Soma occurred on May 13 in the district and 301 miner's disaster causing loss of life that grieved the whole country and many people on it and civil society to support the relatives of the miners who died of an organization and came to the area to heal the wounds in the area of real and financial support to Special reminding that \"Turkey Golf Federation President Ahmet Agaoglu, Somasp the Chairman Sinan Manisa in a sports program attended by the Vardar region to support the Soma district has committed itself to making a golf course. unfinished construction of the state hospital in Soma , the incomplete ring road assets , agricultural production is about to end , can move toward people outside of mining , such as the absence of a business area considering the priority needs of Soma people called rich sports , tools , training and priority of the construction of the field cost construction of approximately 6-15 million Euro golf courses and required it is obvious that there is no need. There is also a golf course , no need for a very large area for the establishment and discontinuation of many trees for the creation of these areas , the burning of forests Given its of experiencing danger of a possible nature of the massacres in the region will also arise . \"The question being asked by Photo Verde, President of Golf Federation ahmet Manisa by Agaoglu Soma to be built on what area of ​​the promised golf course made ​​to the district's Special asking if desired, other questions they want to answer Sword Minister in writing as follows:Photo \"area of the planned golf course is how many square meters ? This area belongs to which person or organization ? The golf course project , to be implemented when the Soma district will be implemented ? Process on the issue at the moment is what stage ? The planned golf courses in the field of forest , woods and so on. Is there a wooded area ? If so, how many trees will be cut in the construction of this golf course ? The state land to be used and the golf course , when using a land transport forest or protect nature for , so without a campus in a great area of ​​his property, and is not intended to cause to be allocated to the existing campus facilities sufficient to meet the needs of Soma Vocational High School? Such an area is going to be your saving towards Soma Job allocation to High School? The area in question is used as a golf course instead of investing in Soma will be more beneficial to the local community such as the revitalization of the agricultural production is that correct? The cost of this golf course is planned to be made how many tl ? The golf course will meetthe cost of federation or central government budget? Golf course to be met without need money federation budget or the central budget for the construction of an Organized Industrial Zone under construction or establishment of the use of another business that will allow the employment of the people of the required investment for the golf course , instead of having to respond to regional needs is the purpose of use in the construction of a golf course ? \"

Soma on Making Planned Golf Course Moved to Assembly Agenda" comments for.


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