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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:18

Soma was entered in the trial to begin Process Mining Accident

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May 13, 2014 Day in Soma after the accident occurred in a private coal mine killed 301 in the judicial process of the worker, Akhisar be made by the Assize Court of the assessment at the end of the 15 days if accepted by the indictment , trial , reported the start of the prosecution stage.

Manisa news: Photo Topics related announcement, the Akhisar Public Prosecutor Bekir Sahin said:\"On 13/05/2014 Manisa Province in the Soma district Eynez Karanlıkdere Location occurring in a private coal company in connection with the deaths and injuries, which resulted in the criminal investigation process , fezleke is prepared, due to take place in a number of media outlets of that information in the indictment of the preparatory phase of the public about the criminal investigation process press to inform the correct explanation is decided to be done .
about this event , as we noted in our previous press release \"crime scene Soma district was carried out by the investigation because of the Soma district in charge of public prosecutors . Photo investigation be continued in an expeditious manner , a fair trial can be made, all kinds , against the evaluation duly collected all the evidence which is conducting the investigation in respect required by Soma prosecutors measures have been taken , investigation Safahat was sent as quickly as possible completed Soma prosecutors evaluating the fezlekede favor or against which the evidence held by the indictment our Akhisar Public Prosecutor's Office to arrange . Photo Soma district judiciary is Akhisar Public Prosecutor our Mülhakat courthouse terms . Soma District in has started to examine recorded and investigation book by Akhisar Republic as we reached fezleke 31/10/2014 Date Başsavcılığı'nın Akhisar our Republic Chief Prosecutor of the event Assize Court for Criminal Court does in order to arrange indictment due to remain within the scope of the task. With summary proceedings by Photo Akhisar our Republic's Chief Public the evidence attached, the folder with a coordinator Prosecutor to investigate, the documents were assigned our total 3 prosecutor , including our two prosecutor . Photo Akhisar Public Prosecutor our eyes of officials of the Republic made ​​by our prosecutor investigation and the results of research Soma Republic organized by the Attorney General summary proceedings and the lack of evidence in the appendix evaluated the absence , Criminal Procedure Code were düzenlenil indictment addressed to Akhisar Criminal Court in order to open public trial according to law . studied by Photo indictment and content of our Republic's Prosecutor General's office , approved and certified through UYAP , 10.11.2014 date Akhisar the Criminal Court indictment evaluation number is taken from UYAP . Photo Akhisar our Public Prosecutor's Office in the indictment issued by the prosecutor working in our eyes , there are 161 victims of the complainant Photo . In the event of intent within the scope of those victims of mines and workers are affected by the smoke . Photo indictment, 214 müşteki to have been included. Intent of the complainant , the workers who lost their lives in the event 1 are close relatives in degrees. The number of miners who died in Photo Event is 301 people , as we mentioned in our previous press release, the indictment \"victim's \"unless otherwise stated . That is referenced in the criminal investigation of expression as a Photo Witness 425 is the one given in the indictment names as witness list . Photo indictment eight suspects under arrest are arranged about 45 suspects 37 suspects pending , including . as a result of a criminal investigation that
made, victim statements the complainant , witness statements , suspect statements, 16/05/2014 date of event occurred in underground mining to the public prosecutor and events during the mine that occurred down to the event by experts scene investigation and discovery process , the area located right on the pit mine occurred the incident on 06.23.2014 and open coal business scene performed by the prosecutors and judges in the area of ​​investigation and discovery process , 16.07.2014 historic event occurred event held down to the mine site inspection and discovery process , 05.17.2014 dated expert preliminary reports , 05/09/2014 dated expert substantive report, the workers who lost their lives in the incident autopsy and death examination process results, Ankara Police Headquarters Cybercrime Bureau report, Manisa Police Department Cyber ​​Terrorism Branch Crime Computer Forensics Bureau report, reports from TUBITAK, portable gas measuring devices measurement reports , carbon mask inspection reports, taken into judicial custody Technical Supervising Editor, Production Editor, shift Ash Book, Ash report Book , Ventilation Book, Blasting Book, in Forensic Safety Occupational Health and Safety Training Participation paperwork and so on. When books are considered the whole event as a result of a study of this book documents, in a Photo mines , the coal left in bulk around the U3 transformer, uncontrolled , spontaneous combustion of access to clean air intake consists of carbon monoxide gas , clean air in contact with spontaneous burning coals full turned into a burning, the fire's No. 4 coal conveyor belt in this section by contagion road where and 3 coal conveyor belt of found that road band , wooden fortifications , PVC pipes , electrical cables, ignition is the result of cooling operation with water released toxic , suffocating gases ( carbon monoxide ) to which this gas in the event the result of the effect of labor took place during which they lost their lives as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning of the workers, the intoxication of the injured rescued workers are understood to be affected.
during the criminal investigation may be in favor of and against the evidence has been collected , safeguarded , scientific, technical, legal data to files at the place of the discovery results of expert reports obtained by examining the rigor, events and were considered to be appropriate to occur. Photo made ​​in the indictment in the legal evaluation, the importance is the need to favor the issues from both the disadvantage is evaluated. Whether the suspect is defective , defective whereas the degree of fault , intent , were evaluated in the indictment that there is negligence or conscious negligence . Examined the legal opinion of the Supreme Court doctrine , which resulted in about 8 suspect who was arrested and detained \"Possible caste \"as the act was adopted , 8 suspicious about 5237 TPC 81/1 agent from possible Kastle killings of actions under the victim number by 301 times punished has been requested 161 time in 5237 TPC 86/1 , 87/1 substances result has been requested to be decided should be punished by mutilation action aggravated due to the .
more than with conscious negligence in the death of more than one person to act on 8 suspects one by the act causing the injury 5237 TPC No. 85/2 , 22/3 . Has been requested within the scope of Article punished . Photo Located in the indictment of 29 suspects , more than one person due to reckless actions causing the death of more than one person with injury , 5237 TPC 85/2 , 22/2 . Being penalized in Article has been requested to decide . Photo conscious negligence , negligence on more than one person killed and more than one of the reasons to act the injury , Penal Code Article 61 should occur in the danger coming and loss of weight at the top be rolling the penalty for doubtful considering the demand in the indictment has been .
done which is their fault attributed the expert report during the investigation, the complaint against the law , notice of public officials who complain , because of the alleged defective on task , on which depends the permission required by law No. 4483, the necessary investigation duly Soma has been requested by the Public Prosecutor in order to be allowed , subject to permit investigation about the non-direct Soma Republic investigation has been launched by the Başavcılıg . The investigation is still pending before the Soma Office of the Prosecutor , the investigation of appreciation and performance required by Soma Public Prosecutor's Office after the completion of the machining will be provided. Photo indictment held that this inquiry investigation is conducted as a prisoner in the file , investigation documents public because of the prisoners'work and the process must be a priority for other inquiries left guard in terms of other suspects Soma Republican prisoners investigation file by the Attorney General fezlekeyl Republic was submitted to our Chief Prosecutor. indictment issued by Photo Akhisar our Republic's Prosecutor General's office , Akhisar is given to the Assize Court , Akhisar be made by the Assize Court of the assessment at the end of the 15 days if accepted by the indictment the proceedings , the prosecution phase will begin. Akhisar appreciation and evaluation of evidence will be made by the High Criminal Court . Additional hearings Akhisar Criminal Court hearing will be held in Hall \".

Soma was entered in the trial to begin Process Mining Accident" comments for.


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