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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:09

Somali President of the Fund in Prince Mehmet Output

Somali President of the Fund in Prince Mehmet Output
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Manisa Prince Mehmet Anatolian and Science High School in the 2014-2015 school year with the Somali presidential election school students taking Abdullah Dahir 196 votes was elected president of the school .

Manisa news: Photo Manisa Prince Mehmet Anatolian High School's new academic year presidential elections were held. Somali Dahir Abdullah School student , was elected president taking the game to the majority of students at the school . Found in post-election statement Dahir , \"3 years ago , Abdullah ,'You went to Turkey there'll learn Turkish in a perfect way , even the head of schools selected'des they certainly would not believe it. But now they come true. Manisa Prince Mehmet's Anatolian High School My friends presidency saw worthy of me. 4 years ago anybody invaluable students of Prince Mehmet College today as they cherish us volunteers were ridden to shout me. in this way the Turkish people that tolerance and this place is the center of the love we have shown in another to . them too thank you. after that I will always proud of being a student of Prince'll try more as I can to the success of Mehmet College. I will be instrumental in sharing with the administration of a friend of my wishes and desires . Turkey and Somalia when I grow up I want to closer in every area. \"he said.
2011. Somalia from Garowe , Manisa Anybody 4 Somalis studying in the same school by the Association brought together with the student Abdullah Dahir this year, 12-A reads in class , however, International Relations in Turkey next year Department intends to read . in the presidential election of School Photo Yavuz Selim Aries 169 votes from high school 3rd grade , 1st grade high school Hüseyin Turan Can taking the 12 votes were 2nd and 3rd .

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