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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 09:45

Somuncu Claus furnace is being restored, visitors will not be a year

Somuncu Claus furnace is being restored, visitors will not be a year
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The first imam of the Grand Mosque 'Father Somuncu six centuries old furnace and the house is located in Bursa, Osmangazi Municipality was closed to visitors for restoration.

within the scope of the restoration will take about a year since

will be overhauled in the oven, do fountain inside expanded, the disabled and the elderly will be opportunities to facilitate entry and exit of visitors.

'Somuncu Father Hâmid'ûd-Din-i Veli Hz is known as the bread and cook in the 1400s, workers in the construction of the Great Mosque with distributed İvazpaşa condition Mollafenari ruin neighborhoods now welcomes visitors between the oven. Join the oven to visit, tourists listened Somuncu Menkıbeler about Father, hear the sadness in the face of the oven miserable state. Following the work of long-term project, which is one of the icons of Bursa finally started the restoration of the oven.

Osmangazi Municipality has started to lift up the oven again. Visitors will not be during the restoration will last 300 days. Indicating a restoration of the oven can find additional arrangements will be made Somuncu Baba Hakki Suha Ulubey Oven Officer, gave the following information about the study :"S omuncu Father's house is rotten. Household will be reviewed. Bursa's oldest civil structure Somuncu the Father's House, a restoration in 1996, but nothing was done zannetmiyoruz past. need to overhaul many things for the first time, will enter restoration. accordance with the terms used in this sense today in terms of becoming an architect colleagues worked on a new project. more used to complement and prepared to make this project."

the roof before the fall and winter conditions begin to approach the studies stated that the reason Ulubey, said:"O should be transferred to his horse. This would pose a danger saw fit to visit for the closure. plaster is removed during the restoration of the house of the Father Somuncu is included in the back of the house were white. Monuments Board that it has registered. municipality, will buy an additional section. then expand this place., and a fountain in the middle of the back section will be toilets. entrance in the building will be sold. because the narrow entrance door. disabled and elderly people to do a proper introduction, put railings."


Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I, after the completion of the construction-in-law Emir Buhari (Emir Sultan) to take on the Great Mosque Imamate. Emir Bukhari that a negative answer to this request,"there are people in Bursa scholar than I am, and to preach to me while I was here when Qutb-i will not fall. This honor, Sheikh Hamid, one of the people they say belongs to the Bakers' Husband."der. Sultan living astonished at the answer, pointed out the groom 'Somuncu Imamate will offer to the Father. Sultan's behest, remaining silent 'Somuncu Father Emir Sultan,"Hay Hay Commandments! Why did faş us?"the words are on my site.

As for the Sultan Emir who leads the first Friday prayer in the Great Mosque 'Somuncu Father 7 different interpretation of Surah Al-Fatiha makes the sermon. Bursa Qadi era Atlantic Ocean, he describes the day :"S is a fair interpretation of 7 kinds of omuncu witness that the size of the Father. 'Somuncu the first interpretation of the Father knew everyone. Latter appeared not understand. Third commentary only anlarken scholars almost did not realize the next commentary. tefsirdi made so profound wisdom."Listen to the sermon on the door its a great rush to kiss the hand they realized that parent. Father, this is the first departure of the mosque after Friday prayers Somuncu three çıktığının as seen through the door at the same time a famous kerametinden mentioned. Rotating furnace 'Somuncu Father pişirmediği more bread as a people, as a disciple of condolence and offerings uncomfortable with Hacı Bayram-ı Veli Bursa leaves. Somuncu Father, the bread is cooked on the one hand while catering to workers in the construction of Grand Mosque withhold sales to win the match. Selling bread at the market"Nuts, believers!"It is rumored shouted. Somuncu Claus furnace restored ediliyor, visitors a year alınmayacak Somuncu Claus furnace is being restored, visitors will not be a year Somuncu Claus furnace is being restored, visitors will not be a year Somuncu Claus furnace is being restored, visitors will not be a year

Somuncu Claus furnace is being restored, visitors will not be a year" comments for.


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