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SON Dakika

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  • 25 Ağustos 2013, Pazar 13:48

Son of late-model cars made for

Son of late-model cars made for
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St. Merter Şakiroğlu textile worker, collects pieces by modifying a simple battery car battery powered sports car model for three-year-old son, Abdurrahman did. The father Şakiroğlu 10 days at their own car, they look astonished when you see the people around that car.

living and working as a textile worker Merter

Şakiroğlu St., 3-year-old son was at the request of the latest model sports car battery. Put to work under the father's house in a small shop

Şakiroğlu, is different from the market for cars in the 6-volt battery 24 volts released abasındaki children. The originality of the car that connects the father feel the car exhaust, St Şakiroğlu, did not forget the sound system.

Son of the Father Aziz said Abdurrahman, watching it on the internet too Şakiroğlu such vehicles, 'Son, continually showed such vehicles. I then wanted to get a battery-powered car. I saw a lot of cars on the Internet, and this kind of work I started to do something different. Yaptım'dedi combine many pieces for this car to my son.

Stating that his son is different from his father's car Şakiroğlu normal child car 'car seat leather steering wheel, and did, normally consisting of a 6 volt battery pushchair took 24 volts. Out from behind the car exhaust fumes have removed the back of the car to give you a feeling. Thus, provided the normal tow cars go faster. The sound system was added by myself. As a result, the output is also a tool used ortaya'ifadelerini.

Talk to his son, but he knows to drive Aziz said the father, son and the surrounding citizens in amazement looking at the car, he said. The father stated that the job as a hobby Şakiroğlu St., has several offers people around me saw tool, also trying to help them as well as he could, he said.

His car happily using her father's tiny Abdullah, occasional Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Facilities to come , driving his car. Little Abdullah, tool stops at a red light, trying to clear his car was different wipes and other friends.

Son of late-model cars made for" comments for.


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