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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 14:20

Soup Kitchen Open to the employees of the Authority Iftar Dinner

Soup Kitchen Open to the employees of the Authority Iftar Dinner
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Odunpazarı Mayor Atty.

Eskişehir news: Odunpazarı Mayor Atty. Kazim Kurt made ​​a new soup kitchen building Iftar dinner held at the opening met with employees of the institution . 2nd Quarter with a capacity of 15 thousand people
Erenköy Coachmen Street \"in the soup kitchen Odunpazarı Municipality \"Iftar held in the gardens of municipal employees in the organization was delighted to open their fast together . Odunpazarı Mayor Atty. Kazim Kurt in his speech ; Approaching the end of Ramadan with municipal employees and therefore they want to be their new organization of Iftar organized a soup kitchen in the garden , he said. \"We spent 5 years working together , create together and share together we will learn ,\"said President Kurt, \"Odunpazari every frame , every street , every neighborhood of our permission, we will have , your share will be and Odunpazari beautify the will . Us in this process shoulders , which will give I thank all my friends already \"he said .
Kurt, inaugurated by providing information about the soup kitchen , he continued:
\"Today this you can see the soup kitchen, Odunpazarı Municipality employees to serve has been established. basic purpose is . But besides social objectives will be . area poverty in the region, our needy countrymen all of our needs here own our production by ourselves will meet . at this point, who supported us all to thank my colleagues , \"he said .
will meet the needs of more people
President Kurt ; soup kitchen Erenköy moved to the logical and correctly tell people they can , said:\"Here, more people need will meet . their needs met our will . employees'smooth enough food to take will provide. This point always to be together , together efforts in the effort if we were very satisfied I will. also in the coming days upcoming Feast of Ramadan, your already celebrating , \"he said .
end of his speech President Kurt , a soup kitchen in the making of those who contribute plaque , by toured the new soup kitchen building . End of the program , the summer months indispensable entertainment is one of the Summer Cinema screenings with the Turkish cinema's classic is one of the \"tapered Boyle Red Scarf with\"Odunpazarı Municipality employees and citizens with the emotion-filled minutes lived.

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