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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 20:02

South African leader, the military can testify in court

South African leader, the military can testify in court
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Indian billionaire Gupta family in South Africa for 200 passengers invited to the wedding of a special plane from New Delhi's strategic military air base in the country without the necessary permits Waterkloof'a investigation began after President Jacob Zuma'ya reached descent.

Secretary-General of the South African National Defence Union of

Pikkie Greef,"in the middle of the scandal Jacob Zuma was not called to testify yet. court, and the answer should come."she said.

Greef statement, the administrative capital Pretoria Waterkloof Air Force Base officials are preparing to call to testify Zuma, the president's"state witness"in the list be called to court according to the law in the absence of additional reported Military Discipline.

Gupta scandal that broke out in South Africa on April 29 Waterkloof'ta duty soldiers and then they arrived before the judge on August 30, the case was postponed to September 13.

military plane carrying Guptaları descent to the base after the crisis began, the State Chief of Protocol Koloane Bruce was forced mandatory permission.

known to be close Zuma'ya Gutba Jacob's family manages one of the largest conglomerates in South Africa. Gupta New Age newspaper owner, was the most recent 24-hour news channel.

South African leader, the military can testify in court" comments for.


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