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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:36

South:\"We'll Overcome Difficult Days \"

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Trabzonspor Secretary General Koksal South , overcome difficult times , he said.

Trabzon news:
Spor Toto Super League and in Europe who had troubled days overlapping with poor results Trabzonspor, again to compensate for losses in the race to be shared and well want to evaluate national search . During the week, came to Trabzon and the technical team and the players met with president Abraham Hacıosmanoğlu his speech on the team to be effective and the recovery on behalf of a larger effort learned.
Trabzonspor Secretary General Koksal South , the results obtained after the difficult time but they deal with it in the future , said:\"beginning of the season a good staff have created . created our staff with the results obtained with each overlapping about whether everyone has the same idea . this improvement for both our management and technical delegation works. national call very good of Mersin Idmanyurdu match with the capture output I believe . Trabzonspor big clubs , and soon also to recover knows very well , \"he said .
SOLUTION Hurmaci thieves cUBE
preparatory camp of his disability , then re-course to return to the large collaborative effort Özer Hurmaci ambition cube . Because of his disability in any games , played injured players , with the team running when beginning a new field to return to the great effort is spent.
Bosingwa N's captaincy everyone happy
Honor Kıvrak the injured and after closing the season , Bosingwa are happy for anyone to assume the captaincy . Technical committee as Jose Bosingwa was handed to bear the name was met with great interest in determining the team . With the pace of work and professionalism of the players in the team as an example to everyone who loved and counting. If a star player to be accomplishing this task would do its utmost to transmit learned that the technical committee .

South:\"We'll Overcome Difficult Days \"" comments for.


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