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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:19

Speak paralyzed man was brought to court by ambulance to Expression

Speak paralyzed man was brought to court by ambulance to Expression
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In Tarsus, Mersin 98 percent paralyzed man who was brought to court to testify in an ambulance .

Mersin news:
electricity from gratuitous to take advantage of ( illegal electricity usage ) wanted for smuggling and arrest decision , which paralyzed NT (72) leave the hospital the day by ambulance to the court was brought .
According to information obtained , do carpentry NT 3 years ago electrical energy to take advantage of unrequited ( illegal electricity consumption ) for the crime were sentenced to nearly six thousand pounds of money .
paralyzed due to a heart attack two years ago, the father of the 9 NT was bedridden. 98 percent report the NT, accrued fines to commit , although unable to repay legal action was initiated.
Arrest warrants for the details of the address is fixed and bedridden due to police custody process somehow could not perform .
3 deteriorated days ago , admitted to a private hospital with complaints of shortness of breath NT here were operated.
surgery 2 days after service treated and discharged to be decided NT's arrest warrant due to the presence of the hospital 112 Emergency Ambulance and taken in police custody Tarsus to court was taken .
Tarsus front of the Judiciary waiting ambulance in paralyzed NT , depending on the questions asked to speak due to illness could not answer.
by RT son who accompanied him on this court were submitted to 98 per cent report paralyzed . N. T. statement submitted report was received it was decided to release the minutes of adding .
Following this process, NT was taken by ambulance to be brought home .

Speak paralyzed man was brought to court by ambulance to Expression" comments for.


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