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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:31

Speaking of \"5 January Stain\"Decision Support

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Adana Mayor Huseyin Oral , residential and commercial area of ​​the island designated as the counter opened for the location January 5 Fatih Terim Stadium case, you backed the decision to stop the court's execution, said he did not want the collapse of the stadium of the public.

Adana news: Photo Municipality November third session was held under the chairmanship of Oral Hussein . According to the report in the first item of the agenda of the City Council , residential areas and shopping centers because of the execution decision will be given by the court January 5, Fatih Terim as protection Stadium was discussed. Chairman Huseyin Oral , he does not want the public to the collapse of the stadium , he was invited to another party groups consensus stating that it supports .
\" SENSITIVITY our need to take care Featured by KO \"Photo Hussein Oral spoke as follows:< br/> \"AK Party parliamentary member of our colleagues , opinion leaders , the stadium , we transmit sensitive at the point it should remain in place as a symbol of collective memory we will give a chance to unnecessary tension in Adana. we have to decide on a common denominator , keeping the pulse of the people . \"Photo Political President underlined that should not create a conflict verbal, \"many subjects political differences would be but it was a trip actions , there is something power plant construction in Soma. when it finds this ground in Turkey , may be a great fire from a spark. of this political struggle will one snow, not in the way one would hurt too, at the point of undermining our social peace we must take care of putting the accuracy of our forward , \"he said .
\" HUMAN LIFE DANGER fALLS that THINGS HAPPENING \"Photo underline that the political race of the cost should be moved to the point that heavy Chairman Huseyin Oral draw , said:
\"If you remember our trip a police action in the underpass fell into the pit . Do not exceed the mentioned my intention , it's the little things we can not control things and we do not want to be conducive to it. You do not want too , do not want other friends . Without creating a ground of contention in a stable trend from editing a new , so the AK Party , not as the views of other different groups also believe that we can remove accurate and reliable decisions AK Party also always could give an opinion in agreement with it. Maybe someone out in the political sense, but something that people benefit from this work is going on in Turkey jeopardized his life . In tiny action , an instruction hdp'n chairman of Turkey roasted burned after Eid . Nearly 40 men died . It is his wife who has ? The social meaning of the tiny spark is difficult to control the streets. We also Adana peace , if not the center of the alleged climate of peace , if there is a council representing the community here , it is important to reconcile finally here. \"After the Photo Talk decision was adopted by majority vote.

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