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  • 07 Eylül 2014, Pazar 11:33

(Special ) 285 thousand was surprised by the ability of autistic children

(Special ) 285 thousand was surprised by the ability of autistic children
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In Istanbul since 14-year-old with autism and Ezgi Cakmak two years to live at peace and has learned to surrender to the disease .

İstanbul news: In Istanbul since 14-year-old with autism and Ezgi Cakmak two years to live at peace and has learned to surrender to the disease . Love, patience and education as the most powerful weapons girded Ezgi speech disorder, his crying and his father'wants to lie when there is no place he would cry'self-learned how to mention leaving behind . No make the most difficult piano concertos started playing , engaged in his favorite food by shopping alone , without using a calculator to solve math problems managed Nasheed , was surprised by the capabilities and achievements .
yet 3 years old diagnosed with autism and Ezgi Cakmak crying , which ended the speech disorder medication process was kneaded with love and patience . Up to 2 years of age who had a normal infancy, the process realizing that their daughter had communication problems with family therapy centers and hospitals refer to the numerous attempts have failed. Diagnosis and their lives painful process starts saying that my father Mahmud Lighter challenging periods now , said:\"One to One eye contact , movement delay and taking command movement behaviors was seeing . Retrospect is very easily diagnose can , of course, as a father , but my first child around and such a child you have not seen for diagnosing not easy , of course. leave our speech therapist center and numerous hospitals left. most recent autism that was diagnosed , \"he said .
FIRST STEP to accept
Autism parents'first, you have to accept Noting father Mahmut Cakmak, \"This work first stage of what it is to accept that .'Cause why my child so when you start the process then begins actually. first stage to accept that . because to seek treatment would begin . One time we had . schools need to spend your life in a very good place . patience It is of course paramount . Necessarily have to patiently stand on education, especially of behavior therapy . All of these children are loving . But I love it because it is not to show emotions , unfortunately, is experiencing a problem , \"he said .
The point where education received by girls evaluates father lighter,\"since the starting point was much improved . Contact us , whether you get from sitting . Everything has become very different . In the beginning, AVM, when we go to wants when there is no place to lie cried so much in difficult times it was, at times , \"he said.
Melodies'of schools in the process of its social skills and bilateral relations attitude towards assessing the Autism Foundation Education Director Head of School Professor Benjamin Birken , said:\"Sound 8 years ago our our education began, and during the first days he and his family for the serious difficulties had . I did not make eye contact , language development was quite poor , although 6 years old . Did not perform social relationships with their peers , and both academic and social environment did not have many skills . The game was very poor skills and self-care skills . Very good melodies were injured in the process of our education now have many daily living skills . There are hobbies can play the piano , painting can be done. Able to follow academic courses . On certain days of the week with their peers in the same class can be injured in the same training program . Can perform mathematical operations and less dependent . Many skills can perform at home on his own . Able to do their homework on their own , you can shop , eat can make , edit the room knows. Have all the necessary skills needed can expertly fulfill all his education from the foundation of this success is a product of the seed . Tunes took on a life of very high quality . \"
MINISTRY ANNOUNCES: LAST 10 YEARS 90 thousand children with autism
the Ministry of Health last 10 year 90 thousand children with autism diagnosis that explains Prof. Benjamin Birken said the figure is higher , he said. world of autism prevalence of 1 in 88 ratio that expresses Prof. Birken , in Turkey, in the general population aged 0-18 285 thousand autistic child that their 60 percent mental deficiencies are seen , but why in 10 very special talent exist recalled.
Prof. Benjamin Birken of autism before age 3 can be detected and symptoms and diagnosis early can by explaining on autism may be curious saying and were listed:\"Very early symptoms are 3 years old , but we realize all the symptoms . Children with autism are showing skills shortage in many areas does not talk a lot , especially now able to start . They do not make eye contact when you do not look at the name calling . Social skills are showing different behaviors than other children . People fail to develop peer relationships , objects and events they do not usually show interest . Of course, speech is going undeveloped . In addition, behavioral problems can be even able to show very different behavior . To rotate objects , such as lining up objects , even as some . \"

(Special ) 285 thousand was surprised by the ability of autistic children" comments for.


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