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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 16:24

Special Description AK Party UAVs from Ercoşkun

Special Description AK Party UAVs from Ercoşkun
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AK Party deputy Ali Ercoşk of Bolu , in the general election in 2015, he said the party will take all 3 as deputy of Bolu .

Bolu news: UAVs speaking AK Party Bolu deputy Ali Ercoşk , prior elections in 2015, stating that they will work more conscious and self-sacrificing , \"Bolu , we have put forth so far as the organization of work will continue more consciously and self-sacrificing ,\"he said . Organization of the night explaining that they already started to work from morning till Ercoşk's , said:\"2011 is 60 votes percent choices we take in , we want to take much further . As you know, in 2002 the elections of Turkey in general , while 36 percent to 42 percent in Bolu , 2007'we have also released 3 MPs with 52 percent in Bolu 47 percent overall Turkey. 2011 elections in Turkey was 49 percent in Bolu 59.4 percent votes take us despite that due to the electoral system , despite being on 10 points across Turkey in accordance with other elections 2 deputies we managed to pull . I firmly believe that we will do it again this election Bolu 3-0 . Because Bolu pointed 66,14'lük a support 3-0 percent of people in the presidential election .''Photo Bolu Province AK Party to be held next month Head of congress to a single candidate to go after stated that Ali Ercoşk the lights , finished by saying:\"Implementation will 5th Ordinary Congress of Turkey to reach the big goals and new on our Turkey of the saints of the new Constitution in need indispensable nation will be a source of brought together the will . Our headquarters are advised to go to a single list in this congress. I agree with me .''

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