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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:07

(Special News ) Activists from the President Pledges Support to Families

(Special News ) Activists from the President Pledges Support to Families
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By way of closing action yesterday in Balıkesir , they send their children to school, crossing the railway line families who were wounded today by visiting Kafaoğlu Intelligence Altıeylül Mayor asked for support .

Balıkesir news:
Gümüşçeşme headmen Muammar Korkmaz Altıeylül along with neighborhood residents met with the Mayor of Intelligence Kafaoğl . Transmits to the President wishes mukthar, trenlik position on bonds due in railway operation said that citizens suffer . Mukhtar Korkmaz, \"Yesterday the residents of our road closure action to make gathered called me . , I'Chairman of Istanbul he is. As for the expense of our problems we can tell ,'I said , and today I have come to you ,\"he said .
Trouble describing women , the \"Balıkesir to natural gas been here many years. , we still doğalgazımız do not have . train on the way to work because of our children crossing the street were injured , women's coat was torn . schools opened but make measures were excluded. our gateway do not have . we you help with this demand , \"he said .
Gümüşçeşme listen to individual residents of the neighborhood , taking note of the President Kafaoğl said they would work on solving problems . Kafaoğl themselves requested each subject carefully evaluated , said:\"People lived anywhere we will serve . Dee places you inspected will. There status and position one look will . Issues sensitive to thank you for being filled . Sensitivity , precision procedures and principles are . Yesterday I undesirable things happened. our headman in this regard very experienced. ago officials your message, you will pass. \"he said.
President Kafaoğl for service tasks they came to expressing \"Our garage door , our hearts also have the vaccine open to everyone . We did not come to fight , we love our job . friend's house are hearts , hearts are coming to get you ,\"he said . That there are people everywhere as a municipality bulunacaklarını said Kafaoğl , the \"Natural Gas in the information we have . , But gas-Aqsa in the hands of . Balıkesir distribution is doing this and in terms of investment-year program is performing. We on this subject persistently investment program to be taken have . A lot of times our negotiations it was . Aqsa's headquarters until the situation've passed . until 2015, this problem is solved for the negotiations will continue . Balikesir just your neighborhood both of you not in some neighborhoods of natural gas does not exist. studies in this regard by the company mentioned on the agenda were , \"he said .
residents'Gümüşçeşme transportation vehicles increased demand-responsive Altıeylül Mayor Intelligence Kafaoğl the \"Contact us now to request arrived, and it evaluates we provide transportation to get there . Transportation to complete the Municipality . Metropolitan Mayor Edip Ugur is making a transportation master plan . Where what you need . Where to put the bus , where the new lines will be given. Let's get into a non-issue because provincial transportation commission is working about it . This will be readjusted according to the master plan . We are transferring them to the problems in our own region . \"He said.
A lot of Balikesir, children's playground in the neighborhood tender for installation of Kafaoğl , which stated that ,\"We went to the playground tender . Tender was made , but not yet finalized. Will be approximately 50 children's playground . In your area if there is also a children's playground that we can transmit it to us , our village head . He will not bother about the subject with their children . Railways are safeguarded through the city roads . Büssür out there because people died . You can get across there to make the necessary examinations we will send our friends there . One of the parents of children in the region can cross the railway line work is done , \"he said .


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