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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 09:46

(Special News ) Agar Road to Criticises

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Turkey Agar Road Business Association , Chairman of Ramadan , in his statement to the staff for passage of the contract workers , said he did not want to be passed to the Highways staff of the General Directorate of workers .

Turkey Agar Road Business Association , Chairman of Ramadan , in his statement to the staff for passage of the contract workers , said he did not want to be passed to the Highways staff of the General Directorate of workers . Photo Turkey Road Workers'Union No. 1 Kastamonu Branch of the Ordinary General Assembly of Turkey participated Road Business Association President Ramazan Agar, noting that the main body of the Highways Road Business Association , \"Road Business Association is an organization founded in highways. With Highways Do not break apart the road Business Association . If working a work in the family even experienced minor problems . We work it has made the road a more regular and nizamlı We have made ​​great efforts to be more efficient . We have overcome them with our Executives . all Highways jobs now begins providing turnkey subcontractors . We , our employees friend subcontractors have made a member of our union in 2010 . for years subcontractor spoken but was never passed to the activities to be member . All of Turkey in general , we have done our members of picking subcontractors friend the lawyer of our union . We told things that can happen while doing members. they became members area into consideration. Then we've written a letter to the General Directorate of Highways . Highways,'these are workers of you , you have to apply the collective bargaining agreement ,'he said . General Directorate of Highways , we answer:'These , we are not the workers. We hope to apply this collective bargaining agreement , \"they said . We also went to the judiciary. The judiciary has made its decision and these workers are workers of highways from the day they enter work. The Supreme Court upheld this decision was correct in saying that . Since 2011, it has now decided to give the judiciary , unfortunately, not a kind of uygulattıra . Minister Yıldırım in the past , although writing in a detailed manner the Ministry of Finance decision could not uygulattır twice . We did not let go of this business , \"he said .
In October explaining that they expect the emergence of the law on the bag law in contract workers Agar, said:\"This year in September, the bag again Ministry of Labour in the law , the Ministry of Finance and Highways , our General Directorate have provided sit still agreement . We've done a job outside the union will not do it. We went to reductions in wages. \"Photo of the delegates Road Business Association officially stressing that there is a road worker subcontracted workers Agar, said:\"You are here because you are officially işçisis highway , you do not contract workers. We do the costs of 500 thousand pounds deal. Bag Law would come in September but we got a news Ministry of Finance, was still on his side . The reason for us when we met with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance ,'We think they are contracted , we think as a part of the officer ,'they said . For God's sake , digging , shoveling , what's wrong with the officer of the man who poured asphalt business .
Then again we were on , \"there are employees subcontracted workers of our hospital . There subcontractors entering the operating room . There subcontractors in the laboratory. About them , no issues with you. Hurry do not , in October again Pouches Law future. He Pouches Act thereof arrange', they said . We expect three years , we expect another year. to run out again in October. our Ministry of Finance , Ministry of Labour Us is making efforts to make this work . Labour Minister Faruk steel is not a time , I thank you a thousand times. for supporting subcontractors to be passed to staff. But the General Directorate of Highways , whether passing a portion of the staff of these workers , the workers work passes them to the frame. 17 thousand kilometers of divided highway for 12 years in Turkey made ​​these workers . Still are they doing . How does not work. try not he sacked the manager for God's sake . If she's administrator does not work, does not do the task. is workers work ? \"Photo Directorate General of Highways of the mind of man does not want the contract workers'rant does being achieved'in the form underlining that it's a problem Agar, said:\"There is one thing that comes to mind . Ministry of Finance okay , okay, but our father has to leave the Ministry of Labour with the main owner of the business , opposed to us. Does such a thing ? How are you going after you extract it. 6 thousand 447 people , and workers have won a large majority of cases 10 years , our friends , all the people who start out under the supervision of the AK Party during the provincial and district president. Highways , that's got to our core team of 3-4 people , let us not take the others. Come get me, how you gonna get . AK Party organization will flock to the beginning of the General Manager. We are not tired of this , this is not browned. We're not left to carry on this work . We'll go to the end of the job. We , the interest of this country we want to be in this business . Whether the interests of both employees and get the benefit of the country. If the compensation paid to our friend who had just won the case in our state highways to pay 2 quadrillion . Ministry of Finance says:'These people will work from 8 years free . It should say , we are not saying . What more do you want , when wages fall in the state's $ 500 thousand this one is going to bigger profits. We won the case related to subcontractor friends, colleagues ongoing case , I hope this will be connected to a conclusion , we think the last Bag Act , we believe it should be binding . General Directorate of Highways , still does not get the staff that stands behind the word that comes to my mind at that time .'I wonder Highways jobs always have to be made in the tender. I wonder if you have a side rant we think . General Directorate of Highways ,for it does not want to pass on this team and we think we can talk them everywhere we go.'These people are the people we are . These people , the people of this country. Of course, that the people of this country will come with political power . These existing people, not people entering new work. \"Photo

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