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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:47

(Special News ) Police from Humanity Course

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Adana police , attacked and stabbed him because he wrote a traffic ticket , then the suspect who injured himself after giving water to neutralize , bandaged the wound until the medical teams .

Adana news: Photo by information obtained, the incident occurred in Yeşilyurt neighborhood centers depending on the Seyhan district . Allegedly, Yesilyurt Quarter Dam Road Street motorcycle police started practice on individuals , helmet and did not suspect that stopping motorists for traffic enforcement . Meanwhile, Anwar U. behind a person without a helmet with a friend called police when she was stopped cruising down the road. Anwar . motorcycle stopped pulling to the right. When checking police documents the documents that are missing and helmet also included Anwar Ü.'Y wrote penalties . Photo CRIMINAL LEARN suspects scattered the horrors Photo Thereupon Anwar Univ. , Motorcycle , remove the knife in motorcycle also took place . Police called to the scene supplements team. Meanwhile, the party kicked motorcycle motorcycle with a knife in his hand began to hurt . Surrounding the consternation among citizens Anwar Univ. , Absurd horror began . Anwar damaging the motorcycle for a while . He returned to the police they could not help himself . Meanwhile, his friend tried to take the knife from the hands of Enver Ü.'N chased him but a knife. Women and children who fled in fear around . Photo POLICE were attacked OWN DAMAGE Photo Anwar . began turning toward them waving knife after police damage to the motorcycle. Party , then stabbed his body began to cut off his shirt. Meanwhile reinforcement crews arrived on the scene. The police wanted to convince Enver Ü.'Y knives attacked the police party but who wants to convince himself . One time the police intervened Ü.'Y not paying Enver tried to calm him down, but it did calm person . He continued to hurt himself on the one hand a knife . Photo POLICE DISABLE bring calmed Photo Anwar . Instead of calm even angry with each passing minute walk on the police wanted to stab . The police, the law in such cases'hit', although the authority has recourse to this procedure . Individual police as he swung a knife at two police batons and began to somehow convince edilemeyip . Whether Enver Ü.'Y a police batons while pulling on their own, while another cop coming from behind lowering the trip took place the person inserting the knife in his hand disarmed . Anwar . nevertheless clamp did not calm down stalled. Photo POLICE WATER whether WOUND the BUMPER MADE After placing a Photo Police shortly before the place of the suspects wanted to kill stabbed himself gave the water with his own hands for his calm . Anwar lying on the ground in an ambulance Ü.'Y water on the one hand that the police have warned quickly. Ambulance lifting off the ground a little late on as the police party , bandaged to stop the blood. Police medical teams continue to do until the buffer . After a while the ambulance took me to the hospital from the police Enver Ü.'Y . Anwar . was released later after expressing initiating action on bringing the police station.

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