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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:35

( Special Report ) 11 Single Family Houses burning , street Fail

( Special Report ) 11 Single Family Houses burning , street Fail
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Kayseri family rented their residential burning of 11 people stayed outside.

Kayseri news: Family youngest daughter Asbian the'slipper burned , slippers want , \"he touched weep neighbors. Photo Kayseri burning rented sit their homes for a reason can not be determined in the morning 11-person family became homeless the start of winter . 9 people sit home while stove unusable as a result of the fire , selling pens and stayed in the family living on the streets by collecting scrap . All goods and burning their families who have power in their homes , shed tears of burning between items. It is hard to
State and where the disabled grandson said Sevcan Ranger, told the event. Ranger, \"I took my medicine. I demlet Bridal tea. Tea dem bride's parents smoke ,\"he said . Baca did not tutu . I thought normal smoke .'Glass Open'I said. Then smoke more rose up . We did not know that smoke is coming from. I looked at the stove , fire no . give us our rent money nineteen . we found debt from somewhere . Kira us , we save our electricity and water bills . 3 thousand TL close we had the money . 6-7 months did not pay our rent. we victims . we borrow money from somewhere and would we . Come'or recover money'I said. Come at me,'I can not enter the room, taking place attracts'he said. at that moment lay my older son and my wife. we reduced Coins could not get SARTEL in . at that time he began to raise the flames and explosions , \"he said . when asked for help from a Photo large Sevcan Ranger, \"I am God I want help for her consent. Externally being helped to come . I left the second one grandson neighbors. our kitchen and our rooms were always burned. Holder did not have anything. we have no place to sit. Above us do not have anything . we have no place us an article and to sleep . We will stay where? Winter is coming and we had rain of gold. We want to help our state , \"he said. The Ranger Photo Haydar , said they victimized , \"We want to help. Our house burned down. Wife and our child stayed outside . We're the victims. We want to help our State. Only our backs on the vest our our other house did not have anything , \"he said .
\" SMALL ASB IN BURNING SLIPPERS to wept \"Photo 11-person family's youngest member which Asber the Ranger, shed tears for the slippers on. looking for toys destroyed by the fire small Asber , asked for help. said nothing remains of the Ranger Asber , \"I did not have anything . Will you give something to us? Give me one slipper and shoes. Above my head I do not have \"asked for help saying .
Meanwhile, the fire burning Asbian's slippers'Slippers burned saying, crying, touched by his neighbors came to help .


( Special Report ) 11 Single Family Houses burning , street Fail" comments for.


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