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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2014, Salı 09:32

( Special Report ) 11 years later learned that his daughter was ill relentless

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Kastamonu depressed mother , daughter nabbed after 11 years of relentless disease has learned.

Kastamonu depressed mother , daughter nabbed after 11 years of relentless disease has learned. Depressed mother who fight this disease alone , waiting for help .
İmaret down neighborhood streets in Kastamonu residing on İsmailbey Ismet Yilmaz in 2011, his wife died of a heart attack . Trying to get used to the absence of his wife Ismet Yilmaz, shortly after the 12-year-old daughter to the hospital after İlayda Yilmaz took ill . The examination and treatment as a result of her daughter's life for having to carry that relentless disease captured learned that painful mother Ismet Yilmaz, about 1.5 years alone, the disease fighting .
Daughter's discomfort 11 years old when has learned that Anne Ismet Yilmaz, \"Kastamonu the doctors child's illness was unable to determine . child late last year in the disturbance in the hospital again brought . herein sinusitis said, but my daughter's illness has not passed . later tomography scan and then an urgent research hospitals were referred to . fancy Ankara Hacettepe University was to go . herein breast disease we went. assay was our and our teacher my daughter's discomfort to say with us than a person being asked . But I also hocamıza wife lost told anyone that I had been told. , our teacher , alone this disease can not lift , he said. that's why this disease before you'll be getting used , then your child You will accustom said. After that we were with you , we are a family .'re On our way we will have a long and intensive treatment , quality of living for our children . Our teacher , your daughter is suffering from cystic fibrosis . In this disease, the lungs will definitely keep sputum our children to breathe , lungs, pancreas , especially in many parts need to go he said. Our teacher for us, in time , you've come to the lungs yet uninfected said, \"he said .
Daughter being diagnosed after 15 days full 130 needle shot and 45 serum attached Yilmaz said , \"Ear-Nose-Throat surgery in we were . After this operation,'Thank God , this discomfort is over , \"he was glad . But our teacher has given me a reply ,'Unfortunately, this growth will continue in the disease , nasal polyps, it will be for life , \"he said . They say it really was our teacher . In June, my daughter was sick again . My daughter has survived more than a new surgery . When we went to Ankara last checks again said that my daughter's illness recurred , \"he said .
Disease, recurrent pulmonary infections of cystic fibrosis that occurs repeatedly telling Ismet Yilmaz, \"That's why our government have some demands . Because we , we use too much medicine . Our child just called me kreon only 5 units per day using a drug . Limousine machine take the air . Apart from these, many medications are used. Our physiotherapist is going on . No business even though a person , one child is very difficult to deal with . One of these diseases telling your child needs to be able to explain . Psychology at the time the child is impaired . But for our children, they have to do , \"he said.
Cystic fibrosis ie recurrent lung infections from the disease in Kastamonu only itself that the transfer Ismet Yilmaz, said:\"in Kastamonu our doctors that diagnose failed. I've learned after 11 years in Ankara this disease . I learned of this disease in the first place broke down . Then I looked on the internet for this disease . Caught the disease were able to meet with the family . Turkey and the world to make our voice heard in Ankara on September 7 Crescent Trust will come together in the park . Our September 8, Cystic Fibrosis Day due to the world our voices and our country would like to announce to the world as well . Currently we do not have sponsors . All our treatments and our drugs are doing our own facilities . If they give us support , help would be very happy if they \"
\"As long as our children are breathlessness , \"said Yilmaz ,\"we would say get a breath . Each disease is very important for us , of course, but what I hate living with this disease also can not tell you enough . Please help our children to all of us who did not spare . Hopefully something better will , \"he said .
Cystic fibrosis ( CF) that recurrent pulmonary infection disease, definitive treatment that there is no explaining Yilmaz, said:\"Just us, our children disease when continuous physician contact our case we will , to our children a quality of life will offer . So far we die , our lives will continue this medication . Before we as a family , then our children will get used to it . We have not found a definitive treatment . But those who contracted the disease abroad lifetimes are slightly more extended . Already I do not even want to think about them . Because I say a life time . Nothing happens when the street would be something from somewhere . First of all, God will know this is a business . If you think you can not live life already . I'm raising my child alone . This disease is very difficult to convince people . I came to Ankara to me when I go to open up the phone , they ask that my child recover from the disease . Go to the hospital immediately healed you and your child as they see it . We do not like us a chance , we have to be continuous treatment . We have to constantly communicate with doctors . We , as parents to provide our children a quality of life we have to make this treatment without interruption . We constantly have to deal with it . Even people with no dialogue'm cut . Alone to struggle really hard going \"
Yilmaz , said:\"I for my child'If they say , the daughter these last minute des Show the last minute, even though what's wrong with what I have for my child to do everything I'm ready', as long as they our children get healthy . Son can not be a bad thing to listen to the breath . I'm going to go to Ankara from Kastamonu continuously . This is where you will continue in this manner until . My daughter is already being demolished as a result of this treatment . That's why our vitamins our medicines , so our state also want to fully meet these drugs . Because we too , contributions are taken. Our treatment, our lifelong , according to my many in our family that can meet not in a position , already can not afford the \"
Cystic fibrosis disease striking Yilmaz, said:\"In our country , ALS how support if given a LÖSEV how support if given , we announce my voice to this disease, our state , our hayırver , then our people are waiting for help to be responsive ago . Everything we say to our children , we say to our future \", indicating that very much like riding Skating
İlayda Yilmaz,\"I really want to continue skating . I can take skating , I've learned . My friend taught to use their patent . But my mother can not get no one to support . Skating , a huge dream. Professional want to skate , \"he said .
Then İlayl Yilmaz disease after learning about the surgery before entering his reciting a poem . İlayda Yilmaz , poetry relentless disease how to fight that , want to die , and statesmen of the demands voiced.

( Special Report ) 11 years later learned that his daughter was ill relentless" comments for.


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