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  • 10 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 09:33

( Special Report ) 5 Years heart of the problem in five separate operations Passes

( Special Report ) 5 Years heart of the problem in five separate operations Passes
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Van MyBB heart at the same time in the hospital having surgery in five separate inconvenience Hiranur Özdemir ( 5) was discharged .

Van news: MyBB Van Hospital at the same time in the heart of five separate inconvenience of having surgery Hiranur Özdemir ( 5) was discharged .
Van residing in the 5-year-old Hiranur Ozdemir girl , heart disease due to the Istanbul and Ankara, in the large centers to hospitals admitted No day but after 2-3 years due to family returned to Van , on the recommendation of a relative MyBB, Van went to the hospital . Here are 5 multiple-pass surgery Hiranur , was discharged , attaining health .
MyBB Van Specialist Hospital and Cardiovascular Surgery Assoc. Dr. Halil Basel, the heart is a combination of 5 different pathologies stating that a konceltal cardiac effects , it is common but difficult to treat a condition , he said. Heart, particularly the heart chamber divides symptom not cause as a source and cover are in trouble as well as heart hole that there were Basel , \"Hiranur named our patients 5 years of age. Many centers have gone to them the day they gave . Relatives of the impossibility because of the surgery could not be. 2 days in intensive care , 7 days in the service kept . Fortunately, follow-up , no problems occurred , \"he said .
especially in the area , go west underprivileged , many days given or economic constraints due to patients not here this opportunity presented highlighted the importance of Dr. Basel, \"Turkey's most eastern Although we currently 3-4 in the center heart surgery successfully maintained. The patients left and right No need to go .'Endocardial cushion defect in and we just west and in some hospitals walkable surgery've done here . PDA ligation , mitral valve repair, tricuspid valve repair, closure of ASD and the USDA shut down the operation by making the patient successfully discharged've \"he said .
Hiranur mother Nazime Özdemir , the Kurdish language in his speech , the surgery was successful , indicating successful surgery due to all hospital authorities thanked .
Hiranur uncle Arafat Özdemir also previously Ankara and Istanbul were going to but operated them for 2-3 years after the day is given , emphasizing \"Of course, those of us financial issue also forced. Van these opportunities , in the quality of the surgery is obviously very pleasing. both material as well as spiritual parents peace of mind. We also saved a lot of headaches . Anyone that can not easily surgery in our hospital took place successfully. I thank him and his team , \"he said .

( Special Report ) 5 Years heart of the problem in five separate operations Passes" comments for.


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