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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:28

( Special Report ) 9 Thousand Years Devi Palace Excavations at Yumuktepe found Ended

( Special Report ) 9 Thousand Years Devi Palace Excavations at Yumuktepe found Ended
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Located in the central district of Mersin and outdated Taurus BC

Mersin news: Yumuktepe up to seven thousand Mound excavations ended in 2014 . Professor at the University of Lecce in Italy Dr. Isabella Caneva-led studies of that era giant with a palace museum showcase to be placed in the 35 paintings found .
\" THEN BY THE PALACE found \"
Anatolia's oldest residential areas Mound the bits in the Yumuktepe work in statements to reporters about the UAV from the University of Lecce in Italy Department of Archaeology and Excavation Head Dr. Isabella Caneva, they began excavations on August 11 this year, 25 people participated in the excavations with the workers , he said. They dig too many workers have indicating whether the Caneva, \"because we were so thin we are doing business . Mala, small appliances are working with . This season went well and good finds there . A building , then according to a palace found . Too old house. Palace saying anyone is surprised . course now, according to court are not talking about . BCE 4 thousand 500 made ​​in a palace're talking about . then the house according to this complete different , important and central house, the building seems to be , \"he said .
excavations this year at court focused , emphasizing that Caneva, \"In fact, the palace hall came to nothing . middle had a lounge but it was empty. Apparently, no movement, production not in the hall. just meeting rooms looked like . Yan rooms is a very pottery , tools and artifacts. So, as the rooms are very different production , movement was happening . , but in the hall there was nothing . Roads was very interesting. creek gravel , with mud floors made . hill in the same way around the roads with cement and concrete made ​​with river gravel . When I saw that the same ways as it stands today . But that's today's first six thousand five hundred years ago made ​​, \"he said .
\" Museum showcases to put 35 WORK BEEN DELIVERED \"
each period artifacts they found underlines Caneva, \"Museum to put showcases 35 works have been delivered. Architecture than architecture , but appeared in the works . We do not know who owns the surface that works is not important . So it does not matter. But we found it works well surface was found to be closed . Found in a large number of furnaces and ovens . Found a large indoor bakery . Room chalcolithic of time . One of the major silos found in the Neolithic time . This is a wonderful technology built silos . Silos were probably using it to disinfect . Found inside the burned . Obviously been used for a long time . This year I can say that we have reached our goal . Even more work we have reached our goal . For example, the beads have found very interesting this year . As well as the output of the beads formed in a basket . I.e. prune time chalcolithic BC Beads of 5 thousand 800 years ago . He necklace , but even in ancient times there were more rich products . 500 thousand beads found in a basket . Usually 20 years, so the beads can be found digging in a moment , but we have found thousands of 500 beads . Room was very interesting situation , \"he said .

( Special Report ) 9 Thousand Years Devi Palace Excavations at Yumuktepe found Ended" comments for.


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