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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:10

( Special Report ) Abdullah Road Rebellion Generous Family

( Special Report ) Abdullah Road Rebellion Generous Family
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Generous Travel events in the case of Abdullah killed in Hatay be seen today in Balıkesir .

Balıkesir news: Generous family from the Balıkesir thousand 300 kilometers down the road from Hatay , the case was taken to the motorway rebelled .
Relax CHP Balikesir Province Provincial President met with Chairman Muzaffer Mavuk generous family, said they were looking for justice . Abdullah generous brother Victory generous , \"My brother was killed by police terror . They want to slaughter with the traffic terror, the generous family. Route 300 thousand kilometers. It was a very difficult journey. They us trying to shabby, but we will show that we give up. Mom will join the lawsuit but he We sent to Izmir her plane because it is old, there will Balikesir. We've been here the whole family a full team . We'll go even to the Constitutional Court to return to Hatay case. the population of 1 million people in Hatay. Hatay not how safe city ? \"he said.
Abdullah Generous's father Edip is generous , \"There was a lot of mist on the road . It's not easy to kick up the road . We want an outcome of the case . We look for justice . who was killed unjustly Abdullah Can we come to look for the right generous . How ass away if they will not give up this case as well , \"he said .
who lost their lives in the event Ahmet Atakan's father, Ali Atakan trip came to Balıkesir generous support of the family. Ali Atakan , \"the perpetrator of the incident the police friend is doing there job. Since no trust there, why there doing the task ?\"he said. The generous Photo of Abdullah's sister Fatma Eagle, said he came to ride 300 kilometers on the road with children. Said put his brother Abdullah generous the name of the child sister Fatma Eagle, \"I gave my son my brother's name to perpetuate my brother's name . I will be at my brother in every case ,\"he said .
Abdullah generous the other brother Adnan is generous , \"and they killed our brother and they punished us . we request from the public , they were next to the right. anyone who has the fear of God , must be next to the right , \"he said . the CHP Provincial Chairman Muzaffer Photo Mavuk gave generous support to the family. President Mavuk , \"The case should be taken to Hatay. Hatay've traveled , I've visited. Is the cradle of civilization. It argues that there is safety where tolerance is contrary to reality. We will always be on their side ,\"he said .

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