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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:33

( Special Report ) Autism , Horse to beat it with the triplets

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9-year-old autistic Tariq in Kayseri , playing basketball is trying to overcome the disease .

Kayseri news:
in Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Sports Inc. started attending courses with autism Tariq Altunel basketball , trying to beat the disease . Tariq miss training course in keeping with friends trying to return to normal life . Tariq who is very happy to participate in courses Sports Inc. General Manager Ali Üstünel , \"Family our Metropolitan Municipality summer sports schools under the third period, basketball courses to be registered when you say we that we were delighted and normal children with our Tariq in the same group have included . Period at the end of the family we have learned , our teachers'observations as a result transmitted to us really Tariq's personal development significantly contributed was that . this us eminently happy , \"he said .
autism in fighting sports contributed significantly underlines Üstünel ,\"autism struggle of the sport in a really purposeful correct if and personal contribution to the development providing different muscle groups a routine work in which contribute to promote self-reliance , social relations right flooring fitting important contributions factors that I know . our joy Tariq other normal friends with the same group, a high performance and a really different from the past , many aspects regarding communication inhabited revealed that the performance at the point of open speech difficulties , we were also happy . I hope henceforth our courses autistic children to provide more space efforts will be in this sense all relevant associations and organizations through you with has called Let's support all kinds of metropolitan municipalities as are willing to give hope that happiness beauty rose live together we \"he said .
\"< strong> My son's in its fusion bASKETBALL mAJOR INFLUENCE wAS \"
autism Tariq's mother Sevil Altunel also his son's basketball participated in a course environment after fusion with a significant change , he said . Altunel ,\"the Metropolitan Municipality of which was filed volleyball, basketball we attended summer school . Mainstreaming in sport among children was normal . I believe it was a first in Turkey . So between municipalities , between sports clubs in Turkey , thanks to them for the first time in normal children were socializing . Language development was completed. Make friends and I did not expect was the first in basketball . I'm so glad my son's achievements here . I had not won Kaynaştırma your sport . Of course we want to continue . All children with autism all educators antironer examples in order to be very interested , \"he said .
Sport course with his son's speech in the great gains that underlines the mother Altunel , said:
\"Tariq than before language has enormous experience in our achievements It was . Social development was the friendships . 6-7 pounds of weight was almost near . November did. Then, you know, mentally autism can not mean anything , do not give it out . Top-secret intelligence have such illegal intelligence . He has learned that courses through how to use intelligence . Such as intelligence, it does not listen to that in basketball , like hyperactive stops but we have solved it with understanding and devotion summer school . So far, we have kept in private tutors , many places in the United States , and I went to many courses . We have not seen these courses so understanding and dedication , we have to live . \"

( Special Report ) Autism , Horse to beat it with the triplets" comments for.


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