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  • 19 Ocak 2014, Pazar 10:44

(Special Report) Cambridge in Kayseri

(Special Report) Cambridge in Kayseri
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Ali Boyd bearing the name of charity in Kayseri in college, Cambridge College's training programs are implemented.

Kayseri news:  Ali Boyd bearing the name of charity in Kayseri in college, Cambridge College's training programs are implemented. Alia Boyd College Director Ali Yüksel,'' Our School, Cambridge School deserves to be gained and Kayseri foreigners coming to their children fully trained is capable of,'' he said.
School's educational UAV reporter said on the Headmaster Ali Yüksel, schools, quality of education lack of resolve on the nature and terms of Kayseri said,'' Our school Kılıçaslan in September last year was opened by Educational Institutions. Boyd Boyd lady of the family of Ali established with the support of our school from 1st grade to 8th grade are taught. Our school also is connected to the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, although the school has earned the right to be. This means that the foreign students are studying here, the exact English education may collect other shops. Besides, the Turkish students to fully develop their English will benefit from this program. This program's main objective is English only English lessons but not in the science, math, geography and history courses as well as use is to provide'' he said.
School, Kayseri, who come to the children of strangers fully trained capable stressed that School Director Ali Yüksel said:
'' Our teaching staff has been shaped in this way. As of the moment there are four foreign teacher. They are experts in their fields. At the same time between the 1st and 4th Grades 2 one foreign teacher, enters into children's English and Mathematics.
Kayserispor Robert Prosinecki former Technical Director of Croatian citizens in our school's second daughter was reading. One of the daughters of the 4th, 8th grade and the other studied. They read together here until the end of the school year. His father Kayserispor'u releases, the family returned to their country.''
In Kayseri ever 1st class starting from the 8th grade to English education to international standards a school with a deficiency indicating that there Yuksel,'' Yelkenoğl and Kılıçaslan High School, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades are taught entirely in English. But a lack of 1st and 8th grades had. Educational Institutions Kılıçaslan become aware of these shortcomings by Ali Boyd Elementary School Middle School opened for this purpose. For the moment, foreigners in Kayseri, from 1st grade to 12th grade children comfortably, to get a world class education can bring,'' he said.
Celebrity Coach Robert Prosinecki most when it comes to Kayseri great concern, where the children will read the subject voicing Ali Yüksel,'' Prosinecki, visited our school when our school is also a Cambridge School was after learning that no doubts remain,'' he said.
Prosinecki, visit the school in the country's national team's jerseys in sign school offered a gift.
mother at Erciyes University Faculty Member with 9-year-old Romanian citizen Alexandra and her father a Tanzanian doctor, Zeynep, Ali Boyd College ' became the mascot. Alexandre Kayseri have recently arrived, although the school and the friends soon adapted.
In Turkey and Kayseri happy to be stated that the Alexandra with their friends, sing and playing games. Alexandra started to learn Turkish as well,'' saying'' I love Kayseri, laughing with joy.
Tanzanian father is an 8-year-old Zeynep born in Kayseri. Zeynep working as a doctor in a private hospital while his father, because of his skin color attention a student at the school. School, teachers and friends how much you love Zeynep indicating small, relaxed and sincere attitude already fused with their friends.
school English in almost all of the courses are given. 4 foreign teachers working at the school, they tell all courses in English. English courses highly relevant for the Turkish students in the course. Foreign nationals teachers' lesson questions together in English, they respond.
Meanwhile, the school's educational Cambridge School is parallel with, because to leave school in case a student of the world, anywhere in the Cambridge College or the same equivalence in a school in education without loss program can be easily read. School books Cambridge Koleji'yl the same.

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