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  • 27 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 11:24

( Special Report ) \"can not live \"Called Baby surgically clung to life Gulnar

( Special Report ) \
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Van, \"can not live \"from the so-called Mecca Nirgül baby , Lokman Physician Hospital Van clung to life as a result of the successful operation .

Van news: Van, \"not live \"called Nirgül Mecca called baby MyBB Van Hospital performed successful surgery as a result of living has taken hold .
Baby Mecaren the encephalocele (brain and nerves to be outside ) called the diagnosis to the hospital stating that MyBB Van Hospital Neurosurgery specialist surgeon Dr. Ekrem Yalcin, the baby gets surgery , he said. Yalcin, \"encephalocele , the baby of the brain at the back , resulting in brain tissue located in a type of brain herniation may be called . Mecca baby , that way came to us . We in surgery as we can until the brain tissue , preserving the brain from the skull out the flashing portion inside tried to get . an artificial brain membrane and re-brain tissue close , \"he said .
Gulnar baby can not live rhetoric notwithstanding the baby received surgery stated that they Yalcin, \"The baby will Do ? age does not ? How much live? Obviously the baby too will live in hope we did not have . this Although the surgery as we can so successful tried to do . Hopefully it was too. course where the surgery rather than neonatal our team to congratulate need . one and a half years of the baby to live a great challenge was given . successful surgery performed after a successful neonatal follow the baby today, miracles can say a way of life continues . how much will the future happens her future will be determined , \"he said.
mother Emine Mecca while the first half year old baby two months to come you can see , indicating successful surgery due to neonatal team thanked said. < br/> on the other hand, if the baby's hospital neonatal unit employees stating that the joy of all neonatal intensive care unit team ADVENTURES love the baby , he said.

( Special Report ) \"can not live \"Called Baby surgically clung to life Gulnar" comments for.


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