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( Special Report ) Car Price Carpet

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In Kayseri, 4 people 4 months Rugs woven from pure silk , the receiver expects 18 thousand .

In Kayseri, 4 people 4 months Rugs woven from pure silk , the receiver expects 18 thousand .
in Kayseri carpet manufacturing business is dealing with the root Ahmed , gave information about Kayseri carpets . Hand-woven carpet used in the counter of the number decreasing day by day that said Koker, \"in Kayseri our grandfathers since the 100-year manufacturing history we have . Kayseri carpet , past to present day much has changed . That 20-25 years ago , approximately 40-50 thousand carpet looms were located . Today, for various reasons , mainly imported from abroad carpet , because of the number of looms currently thousand or 500 thousand has fallen . Annual almost 100 thousand square meters, silk carpet production, currently two thousand-two thousand is around 500 square meters, \"he said.
Ahmet Koker's shop , the 4-person , 4 months to produce pure silk carpet , 18 thousand TL is waiting for buyers . Handmade silk carpets providing information about Koker, \"we produce carpets, especially silk carpets. Present silk carpets about 4 square meters, is a carpet . Hundred percent silk produced is a carpet . These rugs 4 female, about 4 months time period tissue and which can carpet 7 thousand we pay around pounds woven fee . these four square meters of carpet is about 25 kilograms of pure silk to go . wholesalers in the market price of its 18 thousand TL, \"he said .

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