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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:02

( Special Report ) Charity Box Thief Caught while playing Horse Racing

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Many workplace charity box thief stole 2 years in Istanbul, he could handle that side of playing the race at the money.

İstanbul news: Photo by information obtained, about 2 years into their work places in the Anatolian side of Istanbul thief stole charity box at a time. Shopkeepers who examined the security camera on the complaint Eagle Trust Teams Directorate teams , had traced the thief. Learned that many record for theft TH entered into a Pick-Eagle dealers in motion passed information to the police . Pick-dealers charity box stolen from the police for 2 years, playing horse racing kıskıvrak thief grabbed the money inside the box . Detained thief, was referred to the court after being interrogated by the police . Photo LATEST JOB was caught on a security camera The last work of the Photo Charity dry're thieves were recorded second by security cameras. Images , pretending to speak into the phone in a bakery where bread thief area , waiting to go out and shop less crowded. Thief comes into the shop again on the less crowded . Thieves , take away the workers on the pretext pastry in the enclosure . Capturing the right moment and takes the charity box thief . Field box away like a thief if nothing had happened .

( Special Report ) Charity Box Thief Caught while playing Horse Racing" comments for.


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