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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 09:45

(Special Report) Closing of Classroom Support of Classroom Teachers

(Special Report) Closing of Classroom Support of Classroom Teachers
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Frequently encountered in recent years 'closure of classrooms' debate was also included classroom teachers.

Diyarbakır news: Frequently encountered in recent years 'closure of classrooms' debate was also included classroom teachers. Teachers, classroom closure of the case to the Ministry of National Education (MONE) will increase the quality of education in the schools merged in sight.
Final Classroom teachers in Diyarbakir, private schools to shut down the backs. Final Dershanesi'nde Relevance Mehmet Sah, who taught geography teachers in the classroom is no way to get off of me do you want to shut down the style asked a question, he said. Relevance,"Our only expectation liquidated classroom regardless if the study centers of the state, reading room status of all separately interviewed if in the first classroom patrons and classroom workers already damaged if it absolutely must be closed. But which one side is damaged this topic remove more water seems to"he said.
Weekend classroom weekdays to school in the afternoon additional courses or private lessons gene örgenci social life , noted Relevance to zero social skills, thinking skills students voiced their correspondingly reduced. Relevance,"Children's consequent level of success also has decreased. Continuous learner course lecture course, if you install that student life in any way can not succeed. But of course next social activity when the students more will be successful, more will be happy these students, the goal in a shorter time and lasting peace. everything we had in the classroom are learning as they reach us in time school this time itibarsızlaşıy is. schools in no way value does not stay. school's value remains for by the people of classrooms in the forefront is handled,"he said.
Care Ascension Later, speaking tutor, the administration and teachers to meet their needs after the closure of the classroom would be good for the whole community, he said. Ascension,"our students in general, we consider the time 7 days a week as of the continuous course see shops. These students psychologically definitely affects. Students' failure naturally parents are reflected in the. These students for life being unhappy is also an occasion. This aspect of the administration department and teachers all needs After meeting the closure of this sector would be right for the whole community,"he said.
"from the Ministry of Education TEACHERS MORE're going to class"
Demirkıran in Mathematics teacher Mahmut, of itself classroom expressed that since the closure. Demirkıran,"Teachers on the print formed. Teachers more is wearing a certain hour do not plan to. Entered a course we have time national training a teacher more than, thus closing'm in favor of,"he said.
Biology teacher Muhammed Demir, in classrooms too heavy working conditions, they said. Iron said:
"All the teachers are being victimized provided that the closure would like to but where teachers certainly must not be harmed. Courses in the very severe conditions are working. Everybody knows that. Entered the lessons we clocks certain at this point we are certainly not be a victim must. A preparatory course costs 300 per month pounds, families, give it the serious trouble. At this point, the closure'm in favor of. Today our 50 thousand teacher there, 50 thousand teachers MEB transfer when you order the increase the quality can definitely. we 10-15 years, these works had made the students for the exam in the best way how to prepare this We know very well, there teachers do not know do not say, this is wrong not to say that we are in this business from the core grows and that we were also doing it for years, and we better do it believe that we in this business. Especially prime minister that 50 thousand teachers need to think."
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of university on closing the"not concerned we take a step back. Courses will be closed,"he said.

(Special Report) Closing of Classroom Support of Classroom Teachers" comments for.


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