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  • 11 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 10:29

(Special Report) Dede Yusuf Wave 85 mpg does not

(Special Report) Dede Yusuf Wave 85 mpg does not
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85-year-old Yusuf Turan in Zonguldak, 10 years, wife of the waves brought by collecting scrap is looking at.

Zonguldak news:
residing in the district of Zonguldak Kozla 85-year-old Yusuf Turan, Kozla after every rain coming to the shore. Nearly 10 years after the waves hit the beach where all the rain that collects scrap Turan, so the 80-year-old wife, Hagar bread at home waiting Turan looking. 3 children in other provinces that works, together with his wife subsist efforts stated that they Turan,"support myself with them I make, the sea throws. Waves brings. 3 kids, but they are also in Istanbul idle. Izmit idle in the do not work. 10 years, I like that here scrap I collect. every year coals me a citizen was giving. This year that coal I do not have. these scrap'll sell bread money will raise. partner but the legs of iron in there. Sakata lives. Waves, if I collect scrap'll sell. collect this'd 7-8 € holds. every time the wave happens. Bottles I collect the box, I collect. wave when scrap picking. morning at 8 o'clock came. they'd 15 kilograms. Kilogram 50 cents'm selling,"he said.
Zonguldak Governor Alice Coats asked for help from Turan,"Governor assistance you want. Coal help you want. longer overwhelmed, 85 years old. not go. Strait kanseriy, I had surgery. coal, no money I do not have but that I collected with scraps I'll be fine. mistress and we're staying. I'm looking at him. can not walk, but can go to the door,"he said.
they trying to scrap by dragging Turan, could not help her tears. Turan, collect scrap dealers to sell the scrap kept the path.

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