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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 17:26

( Special Report ) Derby from Hakan Unsal comment

( Special Report ) Derby from Hakan Unsal comment
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Galatasaray Hakan Unsal former footballer and sports commentator , Galatasaray and Fenerbahce of the teacher , the teacher can not be said of this team .

İstanbul news:
Unsal, Sports Toto Super League Galatasaray TT Arena on the 6th week of Fenerbahçe 2-1 in the derby , two teams that play football, not enough said. Unsal, played games in terms of football the situation in the field is reflected , said:\"Matches 87 minutes far apart , 87 after the individual need to talk . 87 minutes until the playful sense when we look exacted a close game did not . 2-3 one position that but the match live while watching the old derby miss . How ending 0-0 derby had the exciting, fast-paced , combat was high. match in the second one beautiful thing. One Sneijder's first goal , the other great thing that the Sneijder's second goal . Other than that overall match positively could not say anything . matters worse side of this . one side Galatasaray on one side Fenerbahce, the Turkish football locomotive can say both teams . Behold, all recently spoken to either'cause the fans to the stadium does not mean \"he. following derby played football after seeing people's stadium , why not answer how the Passolig , but played bad football . him yesterday despite the best that can be considered a figure had the audience , \"he said .
\" GALATASARAY crucial a win \"
result, Galatasaray terms Unsal a nice victory , saying that , \"even after yesterday's match draws election day could be reflected even more trouble ahead . In that sense, a very important victory for Galatasaray . Not beneficial in the long run . Prandelli and Galatasaray will be successful in the long run I do not think so . This win will extend that process a little bit more . If in the future if there is a separation in the minds of management , now he will remove the question mark in the head . In the short term , this temporary relief will provide , but in the long term Galatasaray would be good for I do not think , \"he said .
Unsal, Fenerbahçe on the front at the distress of the players caused stressing that \"if you look for Fenerbahce in the instructor can see that there are also difficulties . Ismail is left a bit of a teacher Fenerbahçe , I think it can not handle the load . Except he did in the game changes were also seriously disrupt the balance of Fenerbahce . To me, the coach of both teams , this team is not the teachers . Fenerbahce coach a team like the game keep or remove the striker's left defense to turn the game if it is in the sense , there is work done anyway. Diego will be on the sidelines while the game . If you do not get in the game you can hold in the field will be a different player . Emre game came from , Alves red card was also on an Incorrect changes to the game completely Galatasaray turned in favor , \"he said .
\" Sneijder crucial in the match takes center stage \"
Sneijder general Stating that the performance is good considering the season Unsal, \"Erciyes a fixed ball in the match , now have 2 very nice throws Sneijder's goal in general play does not show that well . Sneijder, arrived on the scene since the day started off in a very critical match . This is actually expected from the star player . Juventus match emergence , emergence Fenerbahce match Sneijder also puts a different place . 3 units in the year to play in match play and others will not. I need a bit more to increase performance . But here's the thing ; game in shape to get back to it . I'm OK with yüklenmeyel to Sneijder . Galatasaray's understanding of the game , which can be pulled up Sneijder's gaming performance, room with a question mark . Both teams think the problem stems from the instructor . Teacher of each hand Squad maximum quality , mentality when in both teams following their play at least 40 percent put it on up , \"the assessment found .
Derbide received wins 4th star for installing too much would be effective thinking voicing Unsal \"since the beginning of the season looked good in all of the matches we played Fenerbahce play , but no results. Galatasaray are looking to play well , but the results have been received . Here you have an inverse relationship . Galatasaray take this as a result of playing alongside the game the best level checks , then the 4 star wearing ambitious say, \"he said .
\" VERY EARLY took towels \"
National Team's 2016 European Championship qualification matches resulting table evaluates Unsal, \"you know the rules have changed in the European Championship . Pre-1 was going to direct the team , second team was playing play-off . Now the two teams are going direct , 3rd Play-off team is playing. Inability to go to a situation that came leveled blame . When we look to our beginnings , to go close. There are difficulties . The next process will work against us . Championship qualifying in whatever we have to play the best team in the Netherlands and more . Czech Republic will go further displacement . So we lost the first 2 , 3 , our chances of being too hard. I could have thrown in the towel too early to say \"he said .

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