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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 10:00

( Special Report ) Executive Vice President Had This Time Scams

( Special Report ) Executive Vice President Had This Time Scams
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Adana, a person phoned him world-famous cola company deputy general manager posing as fraudsters'campaign in the framework of 20 thousand pounds've earned the money to buy'll give you the account from an ATM 900 pounds deposit need , \"he said .

Adana news: The caller understands that the fraudsters citizens were admitted to the police .
According to information obtained , depending on the event center Mahfesığmaz Çukurova district occurred in the neighborhood . Allegedly, Ertan Osman (37) with mothers pouch Nazmiye walking Kenan Evren Boulevard Erten phone rang . Ertan pick up the phone when the person opposite him as assistant general manager of the company by introducing a Coke'campaign won 20 thousand pounds . This money was deposited immediately . But this money to attract'll give you the account the bank's ATMs from 900 pounds to make the money needed , \"he said .
PAY HAND came to pick
However, Ertan , television such fraud watch the news and Security General Directorate regarding this matter SMS arrives for defrauded are trying to understand the con man chat and both mother \"Roadside police if you see let me know ,\"he warned. Erten, after a while Kenan Evren Boulevard on the police saw and asked for help . police immediately Erten from pick up the phone began to speak . Money ATM deposit can not if they come hand said he would give . phones Rogue \"would be OK for you friend , I'll lead 15 minutes later you'll call again ,\"he hung up the phone . police and Ertan together for a while on the boulevard, on the sidewalk, waiting only to cheat Erten a more did not call.
\" use your mind defrauded do not \"
Osman Ertan on the phone the person itself deputy general manager introduced himself as the defrauded tried to understand , said:\"Just the way police called . After a while we went and had explained the situation to see the police . I also turn off the phone and turn off the phone I said, I've reported to the police as well . Police suspect me pick up the phone for a while , met . Police have not defrauded us helping . Constantly in the newspapers we see on television , moreover Police warns against fraudsters continuously via SMS . Thanks to them I immediately realized that I wanted to defrauded . People on this subject a little sensitive they may be, in their minds , using defrauded Let not , \"he said .
Scams about 6 years call in and they meet persons prosecutor or the police saying they , credentials of the PKK terrorist organization were seized by or credentials stolen from the account of the PKK, transfer money , saying fraud were doing . citizens of this fraud sensitive when fraudsters are also concepts , replacing the famous brands reward campaigns using the swindle began .
police citizens on this issue a stimulating , reward companies that ask for money in exchange for it certainly reminded me .

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