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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 24 Aralık 2013, Salı 09:28

(Special Report) Expatriate Family"died"called the Son Seeks

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Germany expatriate families from the town of Adana Kozan,"died"called looking for their son.

Germany expatriate families from the town of Adana Kozan,"died"called looking for their son.
65-year-old mother of Sultan Blacksmith crying tell in the event that on 6 March 1967 in Osmaniye province of Kadirli from birth to Adana, Ceyhan district of the state hospital go to, said:"hospital birth I did. give me that 'when a dead son was' said. then ignorance here us what you dead nor alive, they gave. Allah on anyone making kid suffering for 45 years, I my child's longing I'm having. 45 years I lament know. My one son and four daughters there, kid, that's not distinguish between not,"he said .
3-4 years ago on a TV program the person's Ceyhan State Hospital was born, her mother and father 'Your son is dead' to him saying, Kozan an adoptive family that they tell us what they have learned, indicating Smith,"what we've heard. Apparently our son were not killed our son Kozan in a family, but we do not know. I also say to have the program I Kozan district truck driver My two children have said. we on it every year to Kozan often we come. Missing our son are looking for. because my son on television we have described. Today, Kozan Truckers Cooperative've come to. Maybe knowing it would be,"he said ..
mother of Sultan Blacksmith son appealed,"My son, if you can hear me, if you follow me, you son what are you name it they put I do not know his name and I I put it. you watching us if you me the expression I have the same. What happens if you get watch you, or who hear if anybody knows the sake of Allah contact us to let. If my son if I find it I will apologize and I raised you did not tell you,"he said.
father Mehmet Demirci at 43 years living abroad, said:"March 6, 1967, born on our baby 'died' he tricked us have. Apparently our baby then Kozan an adoptive family gave. we my child we are looking for. son of our driver that we've heard for him Kozan Truckers Cooperative We came here when we asked. herein driver from friends would ask. Knowing, All-Seeing, hearing no matter please contact us and let pass. We helped fine boy suffering is very heavy,"he said.
Kozan Truckers Cooperative Chairman Ercan Yavuz,"My sister and our brother to our We will do the help, we will investigate, we will ask. Hopefully will be reunited with his son,"he said.

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