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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:59

( Special Report ) Feast of the disease fell victim's Not

( Special Report ) Feast of the disease fell victim's Not
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Çanakkale's Ezine district, ovine, bovine, yet resources are destroyed due to an unspecified illness .

Çanakkale news: Every day, dozens of animals perished , saying that the producers, the authorities several times to apply , despite one deal with what is claimed .
Ezine plain , grazing the flocks of sheep , every day barn missing turns. Put searching for the manufacturers, plain strewn carcasses are experiencing . Sheep , causes and nature of the disease hit an unidentified manufacturer that said , complaints can not get the money claimed . Several times because of the disease seen in almost every lot Directorate of Agriculture said that appealed to many of the owners , Ahmet Uysal, anyone interested in the issue , he said. Ezine plains and the remaining sheep, predators forage , while the mess surrounding the stench the environment people feel uncomfortable.
Producer Ahmet Uysal, \"Dogs are no longer sheep die from eating saturated did . Them a place to hide left. Along with me all manufacturers state the same. All dead engine , putting them into the stream throw . Centre next to the barn to go to we are afraid . every time you go in our several animal is sick we see . no official also go ,'What's going on you for your animals ?'does not. an animal in this period of lamb along with a thousand pounds. Unfortunately thousand pounds though Removing and are taking the creek . treatment're doing , diet , more than needle drug're spending . then the town when the 100 pounds does not . these viruses of animals lamb impresses . grow up they have the same disease is caught , \"he said .
All reports , despite authorities deal with what argue that Uysal \"we are opening the phone to the authorities , veterinarians . , I'm saying'What is this disease like foot and mouth disease . took a blood analysis structure'I say. But to me,'then enters formality . Quarantined'I can answer . Does not enter into formalized , our cattle to be slaughtered are keeping face . We want help from the authorities . All my friends are in our neighborhood . There are those in worse situations than me . I'm dying here, taking away throws . Some of the animals can not even find the dead . Animal ridge turns out, there remains dead . Crows , seagulls pillages . Each crawl behind the diseased animals. Now let's go , let me see one more animal is sick , I had a heart attack . My heart hurts now . That's all for my life savings . I will continue my life with them in place , giving the animals sacrificed . Everyone owes . It can not bring sheep no longer . Officials of the disease even if it means they have not even notice us . After this animal is pregnant with no needle unavailable . Now there's nothing to be done .'The dead are dead , the rest will stay ,'they say . I'm calling to the ministry here . Let's do what has to be done . Or we become frustrated , \"he said .


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