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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:43

(Special Report) Fire Coming Out of the Drama

(Special Report) Fire Coming Out of the Drama
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Zonguldak, yesterday seriously injured in a house fire Emirhan three year old and her mother appeared on a reality.

Zonguldak news: Zonguldak, yesterday seriously injured in a house fire Emirhan three year old and her mother appeared on a reality. Murat Ucar father's ex-wife Senay Kor, house burning objects that belonged to him, he said.
incident yesterday morning in a house in Vatan Street Neighborhood Progress has occurred. Allegedly began with the bursting of the television tube in the fire to 33-year-old and 3 year old son Emirhan fire personnel rescued.
Ankara shipped to A. 's treatment is in progress. Three-year-old Emirhan's treatment of the Faculty of Medicine at the Hospital of BEA continues. Murat Ucar his wife and son had suffered a nervous breakdown at the time of recovery.
cheated on me

out of the fire in front of the house by chance Senay Cor past 34 years, was my ex-wife. Home burning appliances over the years hardly suggests that he has Kor, recounts the experience was :"B main işyerindeyk phone arrived. Ex-wife's marrying someone that does not know. Them in the hospital with his father saw. Everyone me and my child mistook. This event to happen to us Come supposed to have. I heard of the incident I was shocked. child was something I thought. looked ours in not a problem. ex-wife and called his parents. all denied. former wife to me by truck go off, he said. deny it in the cause, a very bad game came to . the divorce court before entering, 'I give you the items will. child every care will do' the statement said. But in no way goods provided. me to disposal, trinkets items were given. remaining belongings confiscated all me as four years ago deceive as many years had an affair . was fired for her at home. marry her and settled in this house. to me women are not given in the article have experienced this event."
"I do not have a television at home"
Senay Kor, learned through acquaintances in the event that he and his own daughter, 12-year-old said he believed the Zehranur Ucar's lit. Television at home even if the express Kor, he continued:
"My offended the thing, to me, no news. Because my house television I do not even. Herein knees beat 'My wife is gone, the child is gone' diyormuş. Child's name 'Fly 'he is going through. Ben with her divorced a year it was. you to us for four years punishment çektirirken me and my child, while leaving you with a woman were living. street laying my kids, none of them did not know. Recent learned to say, I had to. you that kid I street did not. O in your womb. A deed in no way did not help us, the owner came out. I worked my child stare. you doing these things, my child not your son did. you now then what happens slamming. that kid's face you will not show."

to sue his ex-wife said Murat Ucar Cor Senay, escaped and married his mother and father had to leave because his wife said. To his former wife blow to the said Cor, said continued :"D on the hunt I'm going. That child the slightest have no right. Sen child on the street put. Misdeed know you for your marriage did you keep. It like a man should have been told. You nothing going to say, but hide for it dearly will pay. Inside, the furnishings belonged to me and I escaped I got married. mommy my father I left. O utensils for years toil hard We can not afford and paying bought. I was five cents for free with nothing in the middle was left. these women did. Continuous message was pulling. Married knew we were. 'wife wasted get me' he said. were married this past January, the divorced. these events nearly four years was. about a month ago got married. Very nice blow eaten. doing this he lit female. think that you deserve I think found. Everybody in the hands of a newspaper, a computer in the hands of everyone, a curiosity in everyone going."
want to go inside to look at the burning goods Senay Kor, was hampered by the host. Burning belongings upset Kor, short-term discussions with the landlord lived.

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