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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:41

( Special Report ) footpad , Women from Gauntlet Seven Arrested

( Special Report ) footpad , Women from Gauntlet Seven Arrested
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Adana in a bank , stealing 10 thousand pounds in the hands of people who deposited money from ATMs woman , was hit by a car before missing foot , then was beaten by a woman.

Adana news: Was delivered to the police suspect caught by private security guards . Photo by information obtained, the event center Yüregir , occurred in the neighborhood of the Republic . Allegedly, Emine Aldemar , located on the banks of Martyrs Street Ilbey Gülbey waited to come to the ATM to deposit money . Meanwhile , he had become addicted to drugs Cengiz T. ( 20) coming out the side of the ATM waited behind her . On the one hand smoker party began to monitor and control around the woman on the other side. Persons waiting for a while , the woman asked for the ATM to deposit money while trying to escape rapidly taking away . Women fall in pickpocket pickpocket when you have made the right moves by sliding foot was hit by a car . Meanwhile, began to assault suspects caught her running up behind her . Meanwhile, passing other cars are almost to a person stood out.
Private security guard at the Citizens Bank also running behind , caught up with the money from the person away . The suspects were later brought to the police notice to the bank. After a while, a woman came crying to the bank received the money . The second of these moments reflect the security camera. Issued by the court captured suspects were released pending trial covered by the Probation Act. The woman did not complain .

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