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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 14:42

(Special Report) for Marmara 600 Thousand Person Tent In Stock

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Will be an earthquake in the Marmara Region 600 thousand tents and tent material was specified to be ready.

In the Marmara region may be in an earthquake 600 thousand tents and tent material prepared as specified.
South Eastern Europe Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Initiative (DPPI-SEA) member countries, with the participation of Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency by the Technological Disasters Policies for the Future and Manmade Disaster Management Workshop began in Antalya. Three-day workshop, technological disasters and the relevant legal framework, economic, financial and size, institutional framework, climate change, information and communication technologies, transport accidents, chemical materials, mining accidents and waste prevention from accidents, marine pollution issues are discussed. The first is the workshop Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Albania DPPI countries as well as Japan and Italy, representatives from attending.
Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) Planning and Mitigation Department Chairman Mehmet In his speech Danacı aquifer, founded in 2009, is involved in every step of the presidency of the disaster, he said. AFAD pre-disaster risk reduction, preparedness, recovery and intervention within the scope of preparations contain noted Danacı technological disasters in the world and Turkey's importance began to increase, he said.
in 1999 after the earthquake in Kocaeli Tüpraş fire, in Yalova gas leak After Turkey's technological disasters the importance of attention drawn to that reminds Danacı, said :"S on the developments in Syria because of a chemical bomb disposal status of these disasters issue once again reminded us. Presidency in this regard the work in coordination engages . Technological disasters, industrial accidents, mining accidents, major transportation accidents, marine pollution can reinforce. cyber dangers can add. present workshops an international workshop, technological disasters and a road map to be determined. AFAD, all related to natural disasters as well as technological areas in coordination task execution and leadership in the international arena is one of the work done on behalf of the locker."

is reminiscent of Turkey's earthquake zone Danacı, Istanbul and Marmara region of such a disaster continued to work with the idea that at any moment, he said. Disaster logistics on the 27 provinces Disaster Logistics Planning warehouses Create explaining that they Danacı, said continued :"L Ojisan have centers are forming. These provinces, determining afetsellig the disaster area, population density and transportation limitations were evaluated. 27 different regions, especially Marmara region risk and population density we know. him that in mind, preparations are continuing. Marmara Region for the moment a potential disaster 120 thousand tents and tent material in stock. these 600 thousand people is. every possible event of a disaster tents, tent and container town on all standards were developed. search and rescue teams work continues. We did this work of God to us kullandırt Masia want. A very interesting sektörd are. logistics centers are setting up, but God the door açtırt not refuse. Kullandırt not refuse. But our country is an inevitable fact that disaster risk. these risk Considering all the preparations are ongoing."
mention of the work of Van earthquake Danacı AFAD, 39 days after the earthquake in Van permanent laid the foundation for housing, he said. One year as soon as the 17 thousand houses to the beneficiaries delivered stating Danacı, said continued :"B s in the world, a record can be called. Improvements made in the area carrying out a study. His prior tents and containers cities were built. Disaster victims of the diem and housing needs to be removed were studied. Education from health to government-assisted service was taken. States of all the power there was passed. 5 billion a resource Van picked up. ye work continues."
AFAD the last two years in the works proceeds very fast emphasis Danacı, said :"S unique residents are going. few weeks ago completed a study that we have. Disaster decision support part of the process to be managed. During this process, a disaster that moment all kinds of materials, equipment and effective management of resources and usage. Technologically AFAD work in progress."Creating
in Turkey hazards identification and prevention of risks related to mapping and conducted a pilot study in two provinces Danacı pointing, said completed:"M aksim in 1-2 years this mapping related infrastructure works will be completed. Province can be used in all data unearthed succeeded. Very important. 60-70 years disaster archive is now digitized is.'s Day surfaced. on which we live under the ground that shows what a map, a key, you can see any kind of danger we have access to the archive. these are important studies. could not be resolved without measuring something. AFAD has now made significant progress on behalf of measurement."

(Special Report) for Marmara 600 Thousand Person Tent In Stock" comments for.


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