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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:05

( Special Report ) Groom, Police Harassment Claims brought by the bride Shabby Happened

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Adana, groom, wedding day to be an expression of safety brought alleging abuse of a girl , was miserable bride with wedding dress from the police building .

Adana news: Release was carried out by wedding 2 hour delay the groom. According to
information obtained, before the day of November 11, 2014 official marriage of his Pelin G. ( 23) with the wedding of Hilmi G. ( 25) in the morning set out to find a home electrician shop. In the meantime, stop waiting to go to school in the U. S. (17) saw the girl is . Daughter to \"Is there an electrician around here you know ?\"he asked. Allegedly, he did not know the girl was told by Hilmi G. harassed girls . Hilmi is on the girl walked away yelling G. scene. Photo US said that a person called his father molested him . Thereupon the father was complaining to contact the police. Police girl from a description given by the child and his environment from a security camera investigation determined that harasses Hilmi G. partys . 15.30 ranks wedding preparations when the police find the person , Hilmi said it would take them to safety , saying that the statement about the alleged harassment G. . This was doing in point Pelin G. de hairdresser in final preparations. Photo COME EVENT burst into tears at the SEAT is heard GEL to learn that Photo Bridal Pelin G. wife taken to safety , he went into go Morality Bureau of hairdresser . Here the bride who drowned in tears of a nervous breakdown . Protruding next to a bride who tried to calm a safety . But let us not calm down somehow . Come, started from , and cry to wait inside groom waiting riding his exhausted mind wedding car. Photo GROOM:\"< strong> HARASSMENT I DO NOT You're so sweet I SAID \"Photo Hilmi G . If you harass the girl in the first statement to the police , after asking the electrician \"you're so sweet ,\"he revealed also say that . Hilmi G.'s , the one he wanted to poison them when he said today that the wedding would be game, and his wife, who he said had ruined the best day specified. Photo Girl child in the US Hilmi in the statement taken in the presence of the child psychologist G. Branch was insistent on him allegedly molested . Family Hilmi G. was complaining . Photo Hilmar G. Prosecutor's detention to be decided gözaltısız complaint to be brought to him. Thereupon the bride who drowned her tears Pelin G. safety over 3 hours away her husband went to the wedding . Although the wedding started late due to claims 2 hours later.

( Special Report ) Groom, Police Harassment Claims brought by the bride Shabby Happened" comments for.


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