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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 19:37

( Special Report ) has learned that the detained by Guest

( Special Report ) has learned that the detained by Guest
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Person falling from the terrace of a building in Büyükçekmece , the state spent on the awning has fallen seriously injured that night.

İstanbul news: The host, the guest house where he died the next day he learned friend detained by . Policeinvestigating the murder of suspicious death or whether the result of a fall from height . Photo Event , Kamiloba Wish Quarter Street No. 2 occurred on 3 days ago . Allegedly, Ismail in his 50s sitting on the 5th floor of a building site in Murat A., surname yet entertained at the house of a friend named Hamdi could not be learned . Duo allegedly started chatting , drinking and drug use together was . Long terrace of the house to chat after the persons named Hamdi , yet for some unknown reason fell down from the balcony. Before then the iron railings on the building's ground floor of the building, which collapsed on the canopy side was seriously injured persons . The residents of the building startled by the sounds they heard during the event is upstairs from the article fell ignore the issue for crates. Photo HEAVY wounded and in NIGHT TENT was OVER SPENT Photo parties had not noticed anyone because it falls between two buildings, night spent on the awning in seriously injured condition . The incident was noticed collecting debris from a tractor driver on a tractor street in the morning. Police and ambulance on the scene looking for the driver of the notice of the police and medical teams were sent . After the fall of the person in the first examination at the scene of the results wounds which were determined to have died from excessive blood loss . Photo PARTY SUICIDE ME IF THERE IS HIGH MIN investigated by DREAM
person'suicide , falls from heightor home fallswith the owner of the intervention could not be determined yet . Due to the suspicious death found in AmAlArdA predecessor Crime Scene Investigation Branch teams region. Then Hamdi was taken to the person named body of Forensic Medicine. Photo that his friend had been detained by LEARN are not aware of the incident despite being in the same house during the Photo Police host Ismail A.'detained the bottom . 270 promil could not get the first day of the alleged statement that alcoholic A. Ismail . After the self-expression and can be taken after drinking alcohol with friends who had infiltrated across television Ismail A. , claimed that his friend had died recently learned . Ismail A. was released later the prosecutor's office .
The other hand, witness a woman dying person on the balcony claimed that fell down while hanging down from the balcony and see smoke .
Police investigation into the incident initiating party's exact cause of death will become clear after the Forensic Medicine Institute will be held for review.

( Special Report ) has learned that the detained by Guest" comments for.


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