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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 17:07

( Special Report ) Hz . Prayer of Prophet Ibrahim had to die Authority

( Special Report ) Hz . Prayer of Prophet Ibrahim had to die Authority
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Şanlıurfa Hz .

Şanlıurfa news: Known as the place where Abraham thrown into fire from the Balikligol plateau 70-year-old Mahmoud Aytür , he prayed to die in the Prophet Abraham authorities. Photo Sanliurfa sitting in Dedeos bearing neighborhood and Mahmoud Aytür saying that no one is in , the Prophet Abraham authorities he prayed , leaning against the wall where the rear of the historic building. Aytar's sick that you approached the side to help the citizens of the surrounding area , began to speak . Aytür with hearing difficulties, he said it was bronchitis patients and the presence of one . Prophet Ibrahim as indicating that Alice suffered a lot in the world , no more , saying he did not want to live in the world , he prayed . Stated that the difficulty in finding food Aytür bread , noted that with the support of neighbors is hardly spent the month of Ramadan . After Ramadan, stating that struggle even to find bread Aytür , \"I saw them in my dreams. Now, they said I was gonna die . My time they asked me to wait. I'm waiting for my time . But what I drew , knows the Prophet Abraham is also God. Now , they take with them the me a moment ago . I'm sick, derdime not find the cure. But I can not find food bite before everything . Muslims if a morsel of bread data , which is undergoing bread day , \"he said . Photo crowd who Dedeos bearing Avni Islamic Service and President Mehmet Sadik Alican Humanitarian Association Aytar address received information. Aytür , saying he did not want the doctor , and the crowd was divided among the Buyer .

( Special Report ) Hz . Prayer of Prophet Ibrahim had to die Authority" comments for.


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