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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:44

( Special Report ) in Cottage Living Children Electric Single Request

( Special Report ) in Cottage Living Children Electric Single Request
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In Bursa, 4-person family living in huts without electricity and middle school students YD , Turkish teacher that he wanted to read , but to study in such an environment without electricity and water can not be moved to tears when describing .

Bursa news: According to information obtained
, D. family , three months ago, philanthropists allocated on the sale of the house stayed in the middle . Street population remaining four CDs, a plot , his charitable hut made ​​with materials over their head . Last year, with the bullet in the leg crippled maganda who can not work because the CD and his family took refuge in this house bedroom one eye .
couple's children, 13-year-old YD 8 year old with ED 5 kilometers to go to school every day walks. 7th grade students YD , his mother's dishes and laundry to help every day close to home is a fountain filled with water goes.
His father , disabled and unemployed stated that the YD , \"our house, the lack of electricity a huge annoyance. Electic not study . No're unable to . Refrigerator and television does not work. that's why all of our needs during the day will remedy . , I 7 I'm a senior , electricity in an environment course I'm trying . my homework the day I have to finish their peers during the day outside playing games, I was at home my classes whether to finish staying . nights with my brother with gas light in the course are working . Turkish teachers want to make this course a great interest there . my teacher and my friends love it. dream, to accomplish what I'm doing . someone came up to me free electric shocks do not want just one desire power for the connection to be extended a hand . 75 million in a country I'm sure no electricity in the house has a very small population . Laundry and dish washing are obtained , we heating water with fire . Food, clothes or do not want to help financially , I just want to electricity . Lack of electricity in the house of a man nobody knows what that means . There's no water in my house , I carry water on my back . In this country, I wonder who no longer carry water on his back . Lamps burning in the streets at night to feed an hour if my house or . So do not just want an hour of electricity , \"he burst into tears .

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