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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 12:39

( Special Report ) in the Kobani'yi Peshmerga Task Identified

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To take part in the war with Isidor of Kobani'yi leading peshmerga area was determined .

Şanlıurfa news: Peshmerga , the missile will hit the ISID positions and cartridge system. Photo Intense negotiations resulted in the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government President Massoud Barzani's instructions, sent to fight for support Kobani'yi peshmerga 150 YPG in . Photo K. Senior officials of the Peshmerga forces in Iraq , the peshmerga Kobani'yi going to war against Isidor , noted that the determination of jurisdiction . A while ago, the peshmerga are trained by the German army , it was noted that among the leading group Kobani'yi . Missiles by the German military training area and cartridge system peshmerga , Kobani'yi missile systems will be bombarded with Isidor positions . Apart from this, the peshmerga , providing liaison also with the coalition forces , the war will share aircraft to Isidor of positions of point locations. Photo KOP NEW'< strong> THE NUMBER OF YE Peshmerga INCREASE Photo Initially, Kobani'yi the number of sent peşmege 150 the reason for determining a number of technical problems that result from specified. Kurdistan Management, the number of peshmerga had to send Kobani'yi determined as 2 thousand 600 . Nearby was learned at a time when a second group will be sent to the Kobani'yi . Photo FSA WITH will WARS Photo peshmerga the Free Syrian Army on the announcement went to Kobani'yi also decided to send troops . Peshmerga day he entered Turkey Kobani'yi 200 SAR sender , a way to fight in coordination with the peshmerga .

( Special Report ) in the Kobani'yi Peshmerga Task Identified" comments for.


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