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  • 17 Aralık 2013, Salı 10:06

(Special Report) Inactivity is Killing

(Special Report) Inactivity is Killing
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In recent years, a frequently heard name, immobility syndrome-related deaths was under the influence of Turkey.

İzmir news: In recent years, a frequently heard name, immobility syndrome-related deaths was under the influence of Turkey.
Hacettepe University Faculty of Sports and Active Living According to a survey jointly conducted by the Association in Turkey, 90 percent of primary school-age children during the day has taken a step below the desired number of steps were identified. Active Life President of the Association and Hacettepe University Faculty of Sport Sciences Professor. Dr.. Ali Haydar Demirel, still life began at an early age leads to many chronic diseases, while stating that Head of Sports Physicians Association. Dr.. While still attached to life Ulkan death syndrome Bulent already Turkey's door that enters and begins to adversely affect the public, he said.
Hacettepe University Sports Science Faculty and Active Living Association carried out jointly under investigation in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir 7-11 age group of 600 students daily activity levels, measured five thousand with the student directly interviewed that the Professor. Dr.. Ali Haydar Demirel said :"B My prints our children daily step count in terms of the expected number of steps under the're staying. Male children during the day of 10 thousand 800 girls 9 thousand 800-step beats. Male for children 15 thousand, girl As for children, the expected number of steps is 12 thousand steps. present study, 94 percent of boys, 85 per cent of girls and 90 percent of the total children's show that adequate steps."
In the research, the children's school days are more active record Demirel, said continued :"O children on the weekends, so they are at home more term inactive for. This That's why families a great responsibility falls. inactivity chronic disease in the formation of ground forms. children be more active is extremely important. Childhood obesity is a growing health problem is starting to become. child from the earliest age with type 1 type 2 diabetes observed is started. done according to a survey of Turkey's most inactive group 15-18 years old. Students high school-one from the university exams, mid-1 from SBS are preparing. primary school age are already in enough action be shipped not. Families also their time television or playing computer games is having. All this on top of From a young age when it comes to chronic diseases are beginning to be observed."
children's show still life is an important factor in the internet and television Demirel stated that"Kids significant time zone televisions and computers across the spend. This children's inactive in the very important factor. children, the significant part 2 hours a day more than the face of television as they spend time is observed. still the face of television a long time to be passed definitely do not recommend. still life of chronic diseases that occur due to age are getting smaller,"he said.
to immobilization DEATH SYNDROME
Head of Sports Physicians Association. Dr.. Bulent Ulkan while the era's plague called obesity, poor diet and sedentary life arise due, stating that said :" yg nutrition and more active lives by providing these plague supposed to get. Poor diet and sedentary living induced obesity seemed like a magnet cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, all such chronic diseases he suffers. still attached to life death syndrome, he defined a disease. past 10-20 years a very popular disease. This is a very striking thing. moving starting to death trying to fend off , more importantly quality live before you die is very important."
Ulker, he continued to speak :"15 years ago, a study conducted in Turkey according to the adult population obesity per cent of 25-30 know that. the same study in 2010 was carried out again. obesity is 36 percent late we see that at the moment. obesity it is rapidly growing to be immobility related death syndrome our door from our multiple-enters have and the people adversely affect our shows. today 8 hours sitting in our business spends speaking, this 8 hours in 5 minutes to act, even us still attached to life death syndrome 25-30 percent is able to maintain."

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