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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:44

( Special Report ) Kobani'nin Little Hole Shootout heart Esma Want To return to health

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Congenital heart Kopani living in Syria Asma tiny holes , escaped from the war with his family for treatment took refuge in Turkey .

İstanbul news: Üsküdar Municipality's claim that the tiny Esma, Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Training and Research Hospital were being treated.
Kobani'nin Isidor after the attacks that took place in the civilian population living in the city , took refuge in Turkey . Hamidi family fled the war in Syria , only one of the family took refuge in Turkey . The only daughter of the family Esma Hami (8) is fighting for his life due to congenital hole in the heart . Esma's treatment could not be continued because of the events Kobani'de . Family abandoned the city in which they live for the safety of life took refuge in Turkey . Turkey to limit their side with a couple of sacks last Hamidi family belongings , she then Sanliurfa ago in Istanbul for the treatment of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Training and Research Hospital were admitted . The family is at the hospital Üsküdar Municipality has taken all costs . Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi Turkmen also hospitalized tiny Esmae Visiting information about the status received .
around burned and destroyed, can not help us
Turkey them with open arms , indicating that the father Mustafa Hami \"Turkey us was very helpful . our child because of an illness with us were very interested . we end this war is over we want to . we are born to the land I hope to return . daughter to come here after being treated for health conditions every day is fine goes. our behalf in Turkey who act on around, burned and destroyed, help us can not . Nobody damage do not want . humans to each other will not hurt . Nobody of us are defending on the pretext of treason should not he . we show in the stone-throwing traitors reject. We just peace we want to be . Isidor us using religion fighting but their religion had nothing to do with are not available. Islam has nothing to do stuff like this with the head cut off . they are fighting using Islam , \"he said .
Kobani'nin fled because of the war stating that the mother Selvi Hamir ,\"while on the run with us were able to get only a few sacks . We had to get away because the limit . We had to leave our house as we dropped bombs near our house . We have barely escaped with our lives . ISID has forced us to leave our home . We also have taken refuge in Turkey . First, we sent our daughter to Urfa for treatment . Edilemeyince treated there , they sent us to Istanbul treatment . Isidor us that made ​​the Lord, them that make you , \"he said .
\" our guests of honor is \"
from Syria with guests interested stating Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi Turkmen are \"our patient is 10 days Thoracic Chest and Heart Hospital lies . Patron of the doctors at the hospital with her family and the authorities are very interested . We also Hamidi as Üsküdar Municipality , we have assumed all the costs of the family . After leaving the hospital, the family we've created a place to stay . We are in Üsküdar many families from Syria in this way guests would like . We support both material and spiritual . Esma our child and our puppy , take care of them . Our guests are our honor for us , is our honor . It suits us the best way to deal with our guests . A moment before the ending of the terrorist PKK and Isidor our brothers and relatives and wish them to attain home . In these troubled times we are with them with . With all our strength to rehabilitate our young puppies endeavor , \"he said .

( Special Report ) Kobani'nin Little Hole Shootout heart Esma Want To return to health" comments for.


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