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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:36

( Special Report ) Lawyer's Fight Against Drugs

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In Diyarbakır , Cevdet Nasıranl attorney who was declared war on drugs.

Diyarbakır news: Prepare reports on the drug in 2012 Nasıranl offering the AK Party , by taking a youth and sports club, youth , and children began working to keep away from drugs . In addition, usury , sexual abuse, by preparing theft and reports also about the city's economic problems , Headquarters sends Nasıranl of the region and as the city's only had one problem always pointed out that the same things are spoken. Photo Diyarbakır Courthouse younger many lawyers embarked upon the attention of the child being subjected to probation for drug offenses Nasıranl Cevdet , as individuals , they declared war against drugs . In this context, in 2012 the period by preparing a comprehensive report on the drug Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Nasıranl offering the relevant Deputy Prime Minister and AK Party headquarters , and to rehabilitate the sport of children and adolescents infected drug , as well as social space by the slurry , the risk of transmission of drug children who bought a youth and sports clubs to remove it. Before carrying out work Nasıranl the club with its own facilities , then the interior one , the other has to offer , including the Youth and Sports Ministry has stepped up efforts with the approval of two separate projects . Nasıranlı related problems in the city's struggle with drugs was not limited . Then usury , sexual abuse, theft and also prepared a report on the city's economic problems, was presented to the AK Party headquarters . Thanks for the report Nasıranlı offered so far was also made changes in many laws.
\" 3 thousand pages DATA OBTAINED'VE \"Photo Nasıranl of many supervised the child's drug offenses after seeing subjecting freedom after stating that it felt the need to research , thousands of years of their research , which stated that 18 small child learns to infect the drug . Thereupon the Nasıranl stressed that scoping the research , \"We have assembled a team now and 17 public institutions and organizations , we met with the children using family and drugs. 400've done surveys with family. We entered all of the street , described as troubled . We obtained data about 3 thousand pages . by compiling this data, we have prepared a report of 13 pages. by shooting on the subject of Diyarbakir in the report, \"our goal will come under the name of identifying 5 title , the state, the power, we sort of work they can do for the local governments and civil society organizations. serious studies were conducted on our report . Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu two months before finally shared with the public that drug-related serious work carried out . and it is a road map , he was taken into the government program these issues. Our we offer some of the proposals in the report to take part in this study we also create happiness. What we are working we're glad to see that go to waste , \"he said .
\" TWO PROJECT APPROVED \"Photo also stressed that they accept the new Southeast Youth and Sports Club Nasıranl the context of the fight studies with drugs, \"buy sports club finishing school because we could not get too settled in the case of university students born right to demonstrate success in any college sport. We also keep both infected and at risk of infection before that our children and young people away from drugs , then a branch is successful , we have made such an effort to ensure the entry into university . We have also started our own facilities in many schools work with the club. But one thinking that this would be insufficient Interior , we present two other projects, including the Ministry of Youth and Sports . We deliver projects were approved . This project is one of the Diyarbakır schools in 17 districts in all we do and informational seminars mahiyetl preventive work . Other projects we will make efforts to bring the sport of children infected with the drug , \"he said .
FIGHT AGAINST Usury Nasıranl reminded that they prepare a report on the Photo At about 10 months ago usury , said:< br/> \"Diyarbakir suffered distress from usury serious meaning we have heard that there are many businessmen . Very serious problems existed. As an individual living in this society we live in this country in a way I believe that we need to articulate these issues. I conducted a study in this regard usury interest me . My work took about 3 months. This work involved , I met with many people who have been damaged. I collect data on serious meaning . And again prepared a 13-page report , I presented to the places associated with the AK Party headquarters . This is distressing , as well as in the community , we also went on a bit of outrage-inspiring events in the community . We do work in relation to other crimes face flushed . Because none of them are not independent from each other. Look, for theft is almost 50 file in the courthouse , and a year later prosecuted in the same manner after being released from prison 3 to process the same crime again , we have come to court. Therefore, there are many issues that need editing to do. Moreover, this situation will adversely affect the image of the state in society. \"The state wants to collect them , but do not collect . Because of the state also had a hand in this work'causes thoughts. We also provide reports about this, because we believe in making arrangements . Prime Minister Recep report period , we still offer the deputy prime minister and relevant institutions , particularly Tayyip Erdogan. About 3 months usury , sexual abuse and theft also made ​​arrangements about 7 months later . \"Photo 3 YEARS 3 THOUSAND CHILDREN Photo also made ​​the city of Diyarbakir's health , a serious drug in the city prevention and treatment of the establishment of the center , Diyarbakır, Mersin and describing the Black Sea they also provide reports related to the construction of the railway to establish a connection with Nasıranl , said the following:Photo \"to become a medical city that cater to the Middle East in Diyarbakir in our report we need that summer. With the completion of the new airport because Syria, Iraq , Iran, Saudi Arabia and other patients from the Middle East countries could be treated easily in Diyarbakir . This also contributed substantially to both employment and economic sense to the city. We still want to connect to a report of our Diyarbakir Mersin. Because Of International Black Sea tunnel is completed, the Diyarbakır after almost 2,5 hours . If the creation of a rail network opens a door to the Middle East and Diyarbakir , Diyarbakir and the Black Sea would be fused to the human person . That can be addressed again in Diyarbakir region've written a report for the establishment of drug prevention and treatment center. Because we see that we only take the last 3 years base in Diyarbakir drug about 3 thousand children under the age of 18 are infected . This is problematic in the future 3 thousand people , it means 3 thousand troubled families . Therefore we need a serious center. \"Photo \"DİYARBAKIR'< strong> IN ONLY ONE ISSUE NO \"Photo Diyarbakir is not only a problem, but to act like only has a security problem that also pointing Nasıranl was continued as follows:Photo \"This city's serious sense of drugs, theft , social and cultural problems. There are serious unemployment and economic problems. If they want to create peace and prosperity in society , these problems should be addressed and should go on . Since there is no problem in isolation. All problems are dealt with and work to be done. Politicians are united around a single issue and they always repeat the same things. State policies produce serious about these issues and needs of civil society organizations to take action with the local government. Joint studies need to be conducted . They are our future and we now in terms of both sound very serious problems. \"

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