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  • 15 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 10:14

(Special Report) Little Students 'Long Thin' Love in Transit Study

(Special Report) Little Students 'Long Thin' Love in Transit Study
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Ancestors Çüngüş connected to the district of Diyarbakir in the village was founded in the creek bed area 150 students in school, through steep paths are forced to go to school.

Diyarbakır news: Ancestors Çüngüş connected to the district of Diyarbakir in the village was founded in the creek bed area 150 students in school, through steep paths are forced to go to school. Every day, three-kilometer road outgoing students, the school found its way through the creek is endangering their lives.
Diyarbakir, 130 kilometers away in the village of Çüngüş connected to the Ancestors Ancestors Primary School was established in 1970 in the stream bed 150 students studying at the major challenges in coming and going to school every day lives. Installed in the creek bed children going to school, walking for miles and miles of bumpy roads are forced to overcome. Little students through the creek when they go to school most of the time, losing their balance falls into the water. During the winter months the creek bed children do not attend school because of the snow. People of the village for many years to make school officials admitted to not get a result, but they said. Students as well as teachers in the school also gives the same challenges in education. Teachers do not be old school as a result of the excesses of the current problems multiply said. 3 female teachers working in schools example of sacrifice, by demonstrating the impossibility of education to students despite trying to give. School teachers due to lack of housing, rent a house in the village with its own facilities, life continues. They also bumpy road through every day as students, the school is taking the path. If students who are located outside of the village in the hamlet, about 3 km road every day coming to school transcended. A lot of the challenges now describing what students, only requests a new school in a good environment to study, he said.
"VERY DIFFICULT CONDITIONS We offer training for"
a year Ancestors Primary School 'classroom teachers serving in Naida Parker, reflected in the education of children noted that their difficulties. He served in many parts of the eastern region, voicing Parker, his moment was defined as the location where the most arduous. Parker,"The settlements rugged Because the school on the hill should be established. Since 1970, unfortunately this is residential on-site training is provided. These villages me to a school needs. This form of training is efficient unknown. Winter months very difficult going through. Heavy snowfall occur. When it snows schools in the creek Because children come to school they do not. same shortage we are experiencing. 2 class in our school, 150 students have. my class of 45 students is available. This rate capacity is above number. Normally 20-25 students in a class would. school teachers in as in houses that we can not stay. Teachers together with our friends in the village, rent a house, we're staying., our students, our future benefactor is. our school is very successful students there. they are very good opportunities to study at deserves,"he said.
"STUDENTS 's PLACE saw you fall not sleep was"
School who served in the Nurhan Altintas, the kids creek bed when they descended biggest danger faced, noting that recently a student drops witness said. Altintas,"One of our students on the way down leg losses fell. Almost cliff rounded would. On that day we saw across the landscape could not sleep. Transit with two persons can not walk. School Facilities in the middle. Our students as bilateral should sit in threes to seat are forced to. 20th in a class of 40 people offer training. This situation inevitably given training in a negative manner is reflected. My yield'm falling, students' perceptions capacity falls. these both us and the students disadvantage is reflected,"he said.
230 digit thousand 500 inhabitants Ancestors mayor of the village Fettih Bashkir school problem stating that they tryed to remedy many years, said that no one interested. Appropriation for the conclusion of the school came about four years ago, Bashkir village headman, from about correcting the problems found in the call for.

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